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News Daily Digital Desk: Five schoolgirls were injured in a bomb blast at Gopalnagar village in Kaliachak, Malda. The National Commission for the Protection of Children (NCPCR) summoned the Chief Secretary of the state to seek information regarding the incident. Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi has been asked to appear before the commission on May 20 at 3 pm with a report on the incident.

Earlier, the commission had also sent a report on the incident. State BJP MLA Srirupa Mitra tweeted on Friday thanking the chief secretary for summoning the chief secretary.

[আরও পড়ুন: প্রতারণার পর্দাফাঁস, কলকাতায় তিনটি ভুয়ো কল সেন্টার থেকে সিআইডি’র জালে ২০ জন]

It may be mentioned that on April 24, five boys were playing in the mango orchard behind the house of Nikhil Saha, a resident of Gopalnagar area of ​​Kaliachak police station. The bombs were stored in bags in the forest. Thinking of the ball, the retailers started playing with those bombs. The disaster happened while trying to catch a catch by throwing a cricket ball. There was a sudden explosion with a loud noise. That is why the five boys were injured.

This incident takes on the color of politics. State BJP central observer Amit Malviya has strongly condemned the Kaliachak incident in Malda. Ghasful Shibir strongly opposes Amit Malviya’s tweet. This time NCPCR has summoned the Chief Secretary in this case.

[আরও পড়ুন: তৃণমূল সাংসদ শিশির অধিকারীর সঙ্গে শান্তিকুঞ্জে মধ্যাহ্নভোজে দিলীপ, তুঙ্গে জল্পনা]

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