NCRB report exposed claims of ‘Shiv Raj’ – poll on good governance, Kamal Nath said – it’s shameful truth of Govt. | Pro IQRA News

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Madhya Pradesh Congress president Kamal Nath’s unit attacked the Shivraj government over the NCRB data, saying that every three hours an innocent is raped in the state, this is the state’s reality. Kamal Nath issued a statement saying, “The latest NCRB report has once again exposed all the claims and mismanagement of the Shivraj government.” Madhya Pradesh, which for years ranked first in the country in the number of rapes of innocent girls, still remains this stain.

He also said, “According to the NCRB report, on an average every three hours in Madhya Pradesh, a case of rape of an innocent girl who calls herself ‘mom’ is a shameful reality of her government.

Talking about atrocities against tribals and dalits, Kamal Nath said, “According to this report, Madhya Pradesh has once again come out on top in the country for atrocities against tribals and dalits.” In 2021, compared to 2020, the number of cases against SC-ST category increased by 9.38 percent. Madhya Pradesh also has the third highest number of suicides in the country. This is the reality of the claims of development, good governance in the last 16 years of the Shivraj government. No lesson is safe in Madhya Pradesh today.

Kamal Nath further said, “I have said from the very beginning that today sisters and daughters in the state need protection and respect the most.” The Shivraj government idolizes him on platforms to mislead the public, but over the years this government has failed miserably to protect and respect him. Safety and respect should be the priority today.

Citing these figures, Kamal Nath said that after accepting this report, the Shivraj government should immediately apologize to the people of the state, sisters and daughters and take strict action against those who are guilty and have been at the helm of the state for years. taken to wash away this stain.


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