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Negotiations continue to increase salaries of the Judicial Power

Negotiations continue to increase salaries of the Judicial Power

“It is necessary” financial support

Until yesterday, the workers of the State Judiciary continued without a salary increase, additional financial support will be needed to meet this labor demand and that is what is already being managed, according to Ricardo Ávila Heredia, president of the Superior Court of Justice of Yucatán.

“We definitely need financial support, we will manage it directly with Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, we will make several proposals to him,” he said. “I already had a talk with him and the idea is that as long as we have talks in peace, in an orderly manner, he is available to listen to us.”

The presiding magistrate added that the meetings with the union leaders of the Judiciary also continue.

Precisely at the beginning of this week they met again and will continue the dialogue as long as their fight for their disagreements remains peaceful, in an orderly manner, without affecting the services provided to the population in their facilities.

Interviewed in his offices of the Judiciary, Ávila Heredia recalled that in the budget project that he presented to the State Executive, an item was considered to cover a salary increase of up to 7%, but it was not approved.

Therefore, again, up to now, an increase in salary for judicial workers has not been considered.

“It is true that the only increase of 22 million 600 thousand pesos was approved for this year, but it goes to the new labor justice system, which in 2022 will be integrated into the Judiciary, and we are going to try to improve as much as possible on that. , to see what can be done, but still support is needed for salary increases, perhaps not even the size of inflation, but something”, he indicated.—

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The president of the Superior Court pointed out that with the current budget, unless there is an extraordinary movement of personnel, the salaries and benefits of the workers of the Judicial Power are shielded, although without salary increases for the moment.


But, he reiterated, additional support will definitely be needed to give workers any salary increase, otherwise it will not be possible, and that is what they will continue to insist on.

news from Mérida – El Diario de Yucatán


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