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Neighbors say about a road bridge in Progreso

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Neighbors say about a road bridge in Progreso

The residents of 82nd Street in the port of Progreso are already aware of the intentions of the federal government to build the first elevated viaduct that crosses this city from south to north, but they remember that this idea has already been almost 30 years without materializing.

“I found out from the newspaper, but the API, the City Council or the state government have not told us anything,” reported Luz Mirian Cervera y Lerín, who has lived in a house on 82nd Street for 73 years.

“There are two things here, one bad and one good,” he said in an interview with the newspaper. “The bad news, they will want to get us out of our houses; the good news, they will be doing something good for the port ”.

“They have been with this idea of ​​the bridge that will pass over us for 30 years. When the idea came up many years ago, we opposed it because they wanted to take away our houses, and our children grew up, and today they return to the same thing. Now I am sick with hypertension and this news has raised my pressure, I fear that they want to relocate us or they want to buy the house from us at a cadastral price ”.

“I already went through this more than 20 years ago and I have endured the noise and vibrations produced by trailers and passenger trucks every day and at all hours,” said the woman.

He also said that he has lived in several cities and knows the risks of elevated bridges, there is a brutal scandal due to the passage of cargo trucks, as they will live under the bridge they will always have the risk that some will fall on the houses and the occupants.

“My house has vibrated all my life. When I was little the train passed by, the noise and its passage made the house and the windows vibrate ”, she said. “My husband died at 83 years of age and he could not bear the noise both at night and during the day, we closed a room with blocks and even so you could hear the noise and feel the vibration.”

“My land is 50 meters deep, if they need 10 meters or the house I will sell it, I will build at the back of the land, but I am not leaving this place where I have lived since I was 10 years old.”

“Let them pay me what they grab, but not at a commercial price because it is cheap. This is a federal street because it goes directly to the fiscal dock and the train used to pass here, ”he said. “If the trailers and trucks are going to pass overhead, we will always have the risk that someone falls inside the house, there are drivers who fall asleep, there is a risk of accidents, suddenly someone falls and will crush us.”

Mrs. Luz Mirian does not know about the project of this elevated viaduct, but she sees a problem due to the electricity and telephone poles and the overhead cables in the street, the more than 40 houses that still remain and the businesses would have to give up part of their land for this work to be built.

The problem will be the negotiation so that they sell part of their property.

Husbands Rosa Argelia Morales Rincón and José Ramírez Pérez have lived in their house on 82nd Street for 45 years and have undergone recent renovations.

It is a property that belonged to several generations of her family and she would sell this property at the price of the capital gain of the tourist port, not at the cadastral value because this price is very low.

“That they buy me a house where I am satisfied to live, if they will pay a few pesos I will not accept it,” he warned. “It is a recently remodeled house, it is like new and some of his older children live there.”

For them, the port of Progreso and especially Calle 82 does not have extreme vehicular traffic problems, passenger buses and trailers do pass, but they are for hours and it is not justified that they build an elevated viaduct, for all the damage it will cause. “I don’t think that bridge is necessary.” – Joaquín Chan Caamal

“There are times when 10 trailers go by in a row, then the influx drops, you can control the traffic in the port, there are other alternate exits to the east of the port,” he said.

“All the neighbors here are old families, I think it is only a pretext to do an unnecessary work and that the companies that own the trailers and cargo trucks save time and money because they would enter directly into the API.”

The spouses recalled that on this same 82nd street there are several colonial houses owned by the Ordóñez family and it will be difficult for them to demolish them to build the pillars that support the elevated viaduct.

In addition, the water is less than two meters away and on Calle 84 are the Pemex pipelines that transport fuel from Mérida to the high-altitude port.

Mr. Ramírez Pérez said that living under these types of structures is very dangerous.

“It is a bit complicated, but the government will do it if it wants to do it for real,” he said. “We are going to stay under the bridge, there are two public schools, the House of Culture, the clinic for medical specialties, the temple and other businesses that operate on 82nd Street, and all of them will be at risk because the vehicles will pass over it, it is a danger of a truck falling from above ”.

A real estate developer has just built seven apartment or office spaces on a property on 82nd Street and has them for rent.

“This neighbor has just invested good money, how will he feel when they tell him that his construction will be thrown away,” said Rosa Argelia, who would be willing to reach out to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to defend his property or to get paid. that is really worth your property.

Federal Work Survey

Neighbors from the port of Progreso gave their opinion on the construction of a bridge on 82nd street.

Probable reunion

“We do not know about the project nor have they notified us by any authority that they will build the bridge,” said Mrs. Rosa Argelia Morales. “When we know where and when it will be done, we will surely meet the neighbors to see that they relocate us to a good place or they pay us what our properties are really worth. I will not accept a new little house or the place where they want.


Mr. José Ramírez Pérez reported that technicians drilled small holes in the ground to find out if they would hold the monumental columns of the elevated viaduct and said that living under this type of structure is very dangerous.

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