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New Forest offers laughter yoga to promote positivity

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Kim Furnish, of Cadnam, launched Instar Coaching in 2017.

A mother of four and grandmother of four uses her knowledge and skills to bring positive psychology to the community using joyful activities.

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She’s a big advocate for never too late to learn, having completed a master’s degree in applied positive psychology and launched her own company since she turned 60.

Kim’s holistic approach to the business is derived from her love of positive psychology, her experience as a relationship counselor, previous support for parents and caregivers, and her lived experience of mental illness and wellness.

Daily Echo: Laughter yoga can boost positivity

Laughter yoga can boost positivity (photo: Pexels)

Kim told the Daily Echo: “I believe that anyone can live a happier and more fulfilling life if given the right tools.

“I love to try new and innovative ways of working out and wanted to spread the word. The first time I tried Laughter Yoga was at Champneys and I absolutely loved it.

“It’s so silly and you can totally get sucked into it.

“It teaches you not to care what other people think!

“Although it is a global activity, it is not very well practiced locally, so I thought I would change that. It has a really positive effect on the body.

“A lot of it has to do with self-care — sleep, hydration, exercise. Then there’s gratitude and kindness, it’s very little things that can make a huge difference.

“Positivity is a practice, you have to keep up with it. People really seem to benefit from a different approach.”

Daily Echo: Highlights for the first day of wellbeing

Two days of luxury are approaching, at The Copythorne & District Royal British Legion Hall on Saturday 27th May and 10th June.

The events will start with laughter yoga, and the events will also consist of a positive session, meditation, self-care, reflection and journaling.

There are also regular nature walks, in locations such as Lepe or Exbury, and a range of online sessions to enjoy.

Kim, a published author, hosts the podcast Positivity: A Work in Progress, with fellow Diversity Award nominee in Portland, that aims to highlight how personal development and positive psychology can lead to a more fulfilling life.