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New style after actress Mahira Khan’s illness

New style after actress Mahira Khan’s illness

Actress Mahira Khan has changed her hairstyle and style after recovering from the new type of corona ‘Omekron’.

Mahira Khan shared photos of her new look on Instagram and told fans that she had fallen victim to ‘Omicron’ but has now recovered.

She said that after recovering, when she went to change her hairstyle, she had her hair trimmed instead of dyed.

Mahira Khan wrote that she had never cut her hair or changed her color since she was a student, but after recovering from Karuna, she wanted to dye her hair patiently.

The actress said that despite her mysteries, the hair stylist did not dye her hair green and made it short and stylish.

According to Mahira Khan, when she reached home with her short hair, her mother was surprised to see her while she too is happy with her new style.

She added that she did not know why she changed her hairstyle. Is it due to recovering from Corona twice?

At the same time, he wrote that God knows all these things, but he is feeling good by changing his hairstyle and style.

In a long post, the actress did not say when she was afflicted with ‘Omicron’.



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