News of closure of NCPUL is baseless know what the director professor Sheikh Aqeel Ahmed khu imt said | Pro IQRA News

News of closure of NCPUL is baseless know what the director professor Sheikh Aqeel Ahmed khu imt said

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New Delhi: For the past two days, some people have been spreading rumors on social media that the Ministry of Education, Government of India is going to shut down the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL). The series actually follows a recent announcement by the council, which says new applications for the Grants-in-Aid scheme will not be accepted this year. This announcement has been made as the applications received last year could not be implemented due to the absence of the Governing Council, in such a case there is no justification for inviting applications in the new financial year, therefore the Council has issued this notification. has been released? The director of the council, prof. Sheikh Aqeel Ahmed, has given an explanation on this whole matter and said that the news of the closure of the council is completely baseless, neither the council is closing nor there is any suspension of its activities.

He said that under the grant scheme only five to six crore rupees are spent and even if the grant scheme is closed for any reason, it does not mean that NCPUL will be closed. . He clarified that all systems of NCPUL are working smoothly. He said that this year too, the government has taken ten percent more grants than last year.

Throwing light on the real situation, he said that the Governing Council of NCPUL has not actually been formed since December 4, 2021 due to which neither the Finance Committee nor the Executive Council has been formed as the members of the Governing Council are made members of the Finance Committee and the Executive Council among the members . Grants-in-aid and opening of new centers for Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Computer and Calligraphy etc. require the approval of the Finance Committee and the Executive Council. Even the Director of NCPUL is delegated powers by the Executive Council for a period of three years. After that, the director manages all NCPUL’s affairs.

He said that in the absence of a governing council, the director cannot open any new work, ie. plan or new center. Can only run the old open center and manage the day to day work. Likewise, all grants-in-aid systems such as grants for seminars to non-governmental organizations or institutions, wholesale purchases of books, distribution of grants for the publication of manuscripts, grants for research projects, etc.

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Sheikh Aqeel said that only the Minister of Education has the authority to form the ECB Council. I am trying to form the governing council as soon as possible and keep all the plans for NCPUL going as before. He said that I am trying to implement all the Grants-in-Aid programs of the government with the approval of the Department of Higher Education, Government of India and approve the applications related to the Grants-in-Aid that came last year.

He also clarified that the requests that we are not able to take this year, we will give them a chance next year. In other words, an attempt will be made to approve the books published in 2022, 2023 and 2024 for wholesale purchase. So that authors of books published last year are not harmed.

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