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Next stage of urban plan

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More than 1,000 proposals in Decide Mérida

Our city is recognized for creating public policies, programs and actions listening to society, for that high citizen participation in the construction of the future of Merida that we all want, said Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

According to a statement, it reported that this interest in participating in the development was reflected this week during the integration and organization tables of the proposals received on the Decide Mérida platform, which totaled 96 hours and 48 collaborative work sessions between citizens and public servants. municipal.

“This Friday the intense work week of the Decide Mérida Virtual Citizen Tables concluded successfully, organized by the Council of Planning for the Development of the Municipality of Mérida (Copladem), with the technical advice of the Secretariat of Citizen Participation, the Implan and the Management and Planning Unit of the Mérida City Council ”, he explained.

The councilor specified that after almost a month and a half, the two stages of the citizen participation process for the construction of the Municipal Development Plan of Mérida 2021-2024 were concluded, in which from September 7 to 30 the consultation and reception of proposals was carried out. citizens.

From October 11 to 15, Virtual Citizen Tables were held to analyze and review the proposals received.

Barrera Concha pointed out that these tables were open to the public through a pre-registration on the page decide.merida.gob.mx, which was attended by different sectors of Merida society among academics, researchers, university students, representatives of neighborhood groups, representatives of chambers and colleges, members of civil society organizations, non-governmental institutions, members of the Copladem, municipal officials and citizens.

“These tables also included the evaluation and validation of the lines of action of the Municipal Development Plan of the administration 2018-2021, the improvement and incorporation of new lines of action suggested by the attendees,” he said.

This, “as part of the continuity of the work carried out in the previous administration, which will allow reinforcing and improving existing municipal programs, as well as implementing new ones,” he said.

He then highlighted that the more than 1,000 proposals received were discussed, commented on and, in some cases, the lines of action were improved, in addition to the process of aligning the proposals in the different themes of economic development, sustainability, social inclusion, security, infrastructure and services, governance and administration.

“All the proposals received that met the validation criteria, such as being of municipal jurisdiction, become directly part of the lines of action of the new Plan, those that do not, will be transferred to the corresponding government areas. If they are reports or specific requests, they take turns for their technical and economic monitoring and evaluation for their possible execution ”, he commented.

Once again, he added, we are writing together, society and government, the history of our municipality. Three years after adopting the Decide platform as a participatory mechanism, we are consolidating it as an effective channel of communication with citizens.

As an example of citizen interventions, the neighbor Lissie Canto de Misné, who participated in several sessions such as the Urban Environmental Quality sub-table, showed her interest in improving and creating more public spaces in eastern Mérida.

For this reason, he proposed to promote environmental education from the councils of citizen participation of the Municipality.

Finally, the first mayor thanked the valuable contribution of citizens for joining this scheme of participatory democracy.

This, he commented, will be translated into a document that will be the sum of the wills of Meridans, who used that digital infrastructure of the Municipality at their disposal to express their voice in these collaborative spaces that will define the roadmap that will guide the course of Mérida during the next three years.

Merida Decide Tool

Julio Sauma Castillo, secretary of Citizen Participation, elaborated on the platform.

The most requested

The official indicated that the tables had an average attendance of 200 people a day, the highest participation was concentrated in those that addressed the issues of social inclusion, sustainability and economic development.


“To promote inclusion during the work sessions, the vulnerable groups sub-table had the participation of Mexican sign language interpreters for better communication with those with hearing disabilities,” he added.


The next stage corresponds to the Copladem team, who will be in charge of drafting the document, based on all the comments and proposals made during the consultation and citizen tables so that, once its preparation is completed, it is submitted for the approval of the Cabildo, he stressed. .

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