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Liz Truss has been accused of “evading scrutiny” after walking out of an interview with Nick Robinson the day before it aired.

Today show host Robinson said she was “disappointed and disappointed” after Truss claimed she no longer had time to be grilled by him.

The half-hour interview was scheduled to air tomorrow at 7:00 p.m.

Robinson interviewed Truss’ rival Rishi Sunak earlier in the campaign.

Announcing the cancellation, the BBC said: “Mrs Truss’s team say she will spare no more time to appear on ‘Our Next Prime Minister’.”

Another Conservative leadership candidate, Rishi Sunak, was interviewed by Nick on August 10.

“We regret that although an agreement was reached, it was not possible to conduct a detailed interview with both candidates.”

Robinson, the BBC’s former political editor, reacted on Twitter, saying: “Delighted to have an in-depth interview with Liz Truss on BBC1. I am disappointed and disappointed that it has been cancelled.”

Truss’ campaign team did not respond to requests for comment.

A source close to Sunak told HuffPost UK: “It is important that candidates face proper scrutiny so that members and the public know what they have to offer.

“Dodging this investigation shows that either Truss has no plan, or that his plan is far removed from the challenges we’ve faced this winter.”

Unlike Sunak, Truss has already turned down the chance to be interviewed by Channel 4’s fearsome investigator Andrew Neil.

Sunak’s campaign said their man did nine one-on-one broadcast interviews during the leadership campaign, compared to Truss’s two.

Labour’s Conor McGinn said: “The British public have no say in choosing the next Tory Prime Minister and now it seems Liz Truss wants to avoid any public scrutiny.

“People will rightly conclude that he doesn’t want to answer questions about his plans for the country because he simply hasn’t been able to come up with any serious answers to the big challenges facing our country.”


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