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Nitish Kumar: Amit Shah again takes Nitish in favor, makes big move and saves party from big loss – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live Pi News


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Nitish Kumar: Amit Shah again takes Nitish in his favor, makes big move, saves party from big loss

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NDA contested with Nitish Kumar in 2019 elections. 39 out of 40 places were won. Nitish left with Grand Alliance in August 2022. A source who was a minister in Nitish’s old government said the NDA had a chance of winning half of the seats in Bihar because of this. In addition, there could have been some effects in other states as well. With Nitish, a former minister in the RJD quota, joining the BJP, the NDA has conceded that it could win a total of 20-22 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. Union Home Minister Amit Shah achieved this through a massive effort. He brought Nitish into the NDA but by tying the Prime Minister’s hands and feet. This is the secret behind making Vijay Sinha and Samrat Chaudhary deputy CMs, the source said.

A source in Tejashwi Yadav’s secretariat said that the former deputy chief minister has been facing trouble for the past 4-5 days. The RJD was said to have come to know about Nitish’s hint of switching sides two weeks ago. The Prime Minister indicated this at the India Alliance meeting in the second week of January. It is said that the then RJD quota minister gave a warning during the event. The minister had said that he would switch sides again if Nitish Babu finds the grapes sour. After Nitish Kumar’s return to the Grand Alliance, the RJD is said to have become more relaxed, fearing that he might switch sides.

Lalu had left Prasad and Nitish Kumar after damaging the Congress.

The opposition got a big break after the first leg of the Rahul Gandhi Bharat Jodo Yatra, a former Congress chief minister said. Nitish Kumar Gandhi left the Indian Union in the middle of the second leg of the Nyai Yatra. This will help the BJP and it will take time to recover. Given the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, we are short on time. Sanjay Verma, a senior journalist from Patna, said that Lalu Prasad Yadav had taken the initiative to connect Nitish with the Congress and the Indian Union. Now Nitish Kumar has quit Congress and joined NDA. The entire opposition will suffer because of this. Congress MP Shakeel Ahmed Khan also feels that the Congress has given more confidence to Lalu Prasad on the issue of secularism. However, leader Shivanand Tiwari, who is ideologically close to Lalu and Nitish, believes that Congress is the reason behind Nitish’s exit from the Grand Alliance this time. Congress did not care about Nitish Kumar. Shivanand thinks Nitish is ambitious. Ambition in politics is not bad, but it would not have happened if prudence had been exercised.

The Congress could not resolve the broken rhythm between the two leaders

Nitish Kumar had approached Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee to open the India alliance. After Mamata Banerjee said yes, she spoke to Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and others. Congress sources said the date for the first meeting of the alliance was fixed without taking full confidence of the Congress. But after that there was no agreement between Mamata Banerjee and Nitish Kumar. After reaching the meeting in Patna, Mamata Banerjee is said to have praised RJD chief Lalu Prasad and his family. At a meeting held in Bengaluru, the proposal to name the alliance as India came from Mamata Banerjee. Prime Minister Nitish Kumar is said to have expressed his opinion, but only the name of the Indian alliance has been revealed. Nitish and Lalu Prasad left the meeting early. Another source, a minister in the UPA government, said there was no positive warmth in Nitish Kumar’s attitude after the Bengaluru meeting.

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge also said that he already has an idea about Nitish Kumar’s position. At the India Alliance meeting two weeks ago, Congress strategists are believed to have guessed as much. It is said that there was various confusion regarding making Nitish Kumar the coordinator of the Indian alliance. Before the appointment of Mallikarjun Kharge as the president of the alliance, many instructions were given when he was proposed to be announced as the future Prime Minister. A Congress MP from Bihar also feels that Rahul Gandhi’s statement regarding the post of coordinator must have troubled Nitish Kumar from within? In this, Rahul Gandhi had objected to Mamata Banerjee’s appointment of Nitish Kumar as coordinator. Shivanand Tiwari calls it Congress bullying. On top of that, Lalu’s daughter Rohini Acharya’s tweets irked Nitish. By January 2024, Nitish, Lalu and Mamata Banerjee had started standing in three corners. In the middle was the Congress and the Indian Union. The RJD leader said that Nitish Kumar has been arbitrarily ruling everything in his own way for the past decade. Moreover, this adds salt to Rohini’s wound. Again Rohini Acharya retorted. It is said that the garbage (Nitish) went back to the dustbin. This comment from Lalu Prasad’s favorite daughter speaks volumes.

Amit Shah has taken a big step, he will not let Nitish’s dreams come true

Union Home Minister Amit Shah took a big step. Many pundits who understand Bihar politics agree with former deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav’s statement that the JD(U) is weak. Prashant Kishore has already made his prediction. PM Modi may have given confidence by calling Nitish Kumar, who has joined the NDA for the third time, but Shah, a master of political acumen, did not open that window easily. To Nitish’s right is BJP state president Samrat Chauhari and to his left is former Assembly speaker Vijay Sinha, who has been appointed as the deputy CM. The Speaker of the Assembly will also be from the BJP. Earlier, Vijay Sinha was swearing at Nitish Kumar after drinking water. Nitish Kumar had also complained against Samrat Chaudhary in his previous NDA government. Targeting Chief Minister Vijay Sinha, he made a strong statement. It is believed that the road is not so easy for Nitish Kumar, who is returning for the third time. Nitish wants to restore JD(U)’s number one party status in Bihar, but now Amit Shah and BJP strategists are not going to give him that chance. In the 2020 assembly elections, BJP defeated Nitish Kumar with an effective strategy. It is believed that this can be repeated in a game between older brother and younger brother.

BJP was gearing up to contest elections for 30-32 seats.

After Nitish Kumar joined the grand alliance, Samrat Chaudhary took over as BJP state president. Samrat Chaudhary was a minister in Rabri Devi’s government. Vocal leader. Joined BJP seven years ago. Like Vijay Sinha, he has a down to earth attitude. This time BJP’s plan was to contest in 30-32 out of 40 seats in Bihar. The Bihar Union Minister smiles and says that now 10-12 of these seats should be left to Nitish Kumar’s party. In 2019, he ran for 17 seats and won all of them, the source said. This time too BJP was expected to win 25-26 seats. Allies win the rest. However, this time BJP may have to fight to win in Bihar. Because the party of Chirag Paswan and Pashupati Kumar Paras demanded 06 seats like last time. Upendra Kushwaha and Jitan Ram Manji should also be given Lok Sabha seats. In such a situation, JD(U) share may be difficult to solve by giving 17 seats like in 2019.


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