No Purchase Movement: ‘Petrol-Diesel No Purchase’ movement in the state from today; Long queues of vehicles at petrol pumps- No movement of petrol and diesel in the state since yesterday Long queues of vehicles at petrol pumps in Aurangabad ProIQRA News

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Aurangabad: Pump operators across the state, including Aurangabad district, have started a ‘don’t buy petrol-diesel’ movement from May 31. Due to this movement, pump operators will not buy fuel from oil companies from May 31. After the announcement of this movement, there is an atmosphere of panic among the vehicle owners. Also, due to non-regular supply of petrol for the last few days, many pumps remained closed on Monday. As a result, on Monday night (May 30), vehicles filled with petrol queued up at Kranti Chowk and other petrol pumps. (Long queue of vehicles at petrol pumps in Aurangabad)

There was a setback at many pumps after the petrol companies stopped the supply of petrol and diesel. You had to book many petrol pumps to get petrol. Pump drivers with such booking got petrol on Saturday. The government then announced a sudden reduction in the prices of petrol and diesel, creating a major problem for the pump operators. This is because these petrol pumps bought thousands of liters of petrol and diesel at exorbitant prices during the time of shortage. Due to this the petrol pump was badly affected.

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The central government on Saturday announced the decision to reduce excise duty on petrol and diesel. The price of petrol has been reduced by Rs.8 and that of diesel by Rs.6. Petrol was being sold at Rs 113 per liter and diesel at Rs 98 per liter in the city on Sunday after the central government reduced the rates. This decision has brought relief to the general public. However, the problem is that there is a big problem in front of the petrol pump operators.

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5 lakh loss in a day

Petrol pump operators in Aurangabad booked and bought fuel after petrol and diesel supplies were short and uncertain. However, he bought this fuel at a higher price. Meanwhile, 24 thousand liters of petrol and diesel were sent to a petrol pump in the city. The petrol driver suffered a loss of around Rs 5 lakh in a single day after the central government cut fuel rates. Same is the case with many petrol pump owners.

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