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For 21-year-old Brandon Poore, the opportunity to live in his own space – where he can gain some independence from his parents – is limited to a dream.

However, this dream will soon become reality.

That’s because he will become one of the residents of a house in Forest Glade, which was recently bought by Kind Minds.

It is the second house of its kind, owned by the non-profit organization. People were given the opportunity to get a first-hand look inside the property during an open house on Sunday.

Earlier this year, Kind Minds opened its first assisted living home in Windsor’s Fountainbleu neighborhood.

Jessica Gaudette and Chris Elliott, co-founders of the non-profit organization Kind Minds, as seen on September 25, 2022. (Sanjay Maru/CTV News Windsor)

While the Fountainbleu house is exclusively for women, the Forest Glade property will be occupied by men.

During an open house Sunday, Poore had the opportunity to tour his future home. He tells CTV News Windsor that he’s been trying to find a place of his own since February — but it’s been challenging.

“Because there aren’t many affordable homes in Windsor-Essex,” said Poore.

That’s exactly the gap Kind Minds is trying to fill through its two homes, according to co-founder Jessica Gaudette.

“We’re trying to target the population that might not get their chance on a waiting list that’s decades long and so we’re trying to offer a model and a step towards an independent life,” she says.

Kind Minds runs a program for the residents at its two homes where volunteers come in and assist them with general life skills.

For Gaudette, residents of the second home will reap the benefits of lessons learned from the nonprofit’s experience with the first home.

Kind Minds’ newest home, as seen on September 25, 2022 in Forest Glade, will provide assisted living for men. (Sanjay Maru/CTV News Windsor)

“We’ve definitely ironed out … when we need our volunteers there, which we’ve decided works best in the evenings instead of splitting them between a morning and evening shift,” says Gaudette, adding Kind Minds provides meals for all its residents.

She adds, “But one of the other challenges was with grocery shopping, looking at what works for the residents and how to budget.”

According to Gaudette, Kind Minds hired a housekeeper to help with linen changes “so that the residents have a more hygienic home to live in.”

The need for homes that accommodate this demographic is great, she adds.

“High-functioning individuals may not be accepted into a home where they also have more needs,” she says. “So we try to fill that gap and offer them the opportunity to live outside their parents’ homes.”

As for Poore, he says while he’s excited to live on his own, his parents will stay close, able to watch him reach his goals.

“Got a job. Do some community stuff. I feel great,” he says.

Applications are open to anyone interested in becoming a tenant of Kind Minds’ Forest Glade home.

The organization’s women’s house in Fountainbleu also has one room available.


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