Not Anjaneri, Kishkindhanagari is the birthplace of Hanuman; Claims of Swami Govindanand Saraswati – Controversy over Hanuman’s birth place Anjaneri Nasik or Kishkindha city ProIQRA News

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M. ta. News Service, Trimbakeshwari The birth place of Hanuman is not Anjaneri, but Kishkindhanagari in Karnataka. Swami Govindanand Saraswati has made this claim on the basis of verses from Valmiki Ramayana. Swami Govindananda Saraswati of Hanuman Janmasthan Trust has been living in Trimbakeshwar for three days and traveling across India in a chariot to prove that Hanuman’s birthplace is in Karnataka.

Tirupati temple also claimed the birthplace of Hanuman. Swami Govindananda proved that this was his birthplace in Karnataka. He also went to court and obtained a restraining order mentioning Tirupati temple as Hanuman’s birthplace. Swami Govindananda Saraswati has reached Shankar Math in Trimbakeshwar and will stay there for three days.

an appeal to science

He has appealed to anyone who has any objection or claim during Swami Govindananda’s stay to come for debate. Swami Govindanand has brought scriptures, Puranas etc. with him to prove his point. According to him there is no mention of Trimbakeshwar Anjaneri in Valmiki Ramayana. For this we are ready to do science from anyone. When asked whether there is Anjaneri mountain, he said that in the Puranas the name of Anjaneri mountain is mentioned as Indra Parvat. Meanwhile, the villagers of Trimbakeshwar area have noticed the role of sages, sages, mahants as well as scholars of Shri Ram and Hanuman scriptures.

Procession tomorrow, Synod on Tuesday

Swami Govindanand will take out a procession along with Dharmarath in Nashik on Monday. The Synod will be held in Nashik on Tuesday (31st). Sadhus and saints studying in this, Mahants will participate in the discussion. Meanwhile, he has discussed the birthplace of Hanuman with the Shankaracharya of the four peeths. Photos about it are also on Dharmarath. He has posted pictures of discussions with various shrines. The chariot is decorated to give the impression of a mountain in Kishkindha.