Not the Congress, but the BJP’s infighting, indiscipline and corruption became a major headache for Modi. | Pro IQRA News

Not the Congress, but the BJP’s infighting, indiscipline and corruption became a major headache for Modi.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be on top of the world after the successful G20 summit. And they deserve it too. Bharatiya Janata Party leaders are equally happy. However, they should be a little wise. Whatever the Prime Minister needed to do for the country, he did it very well. But he did not do what he should have done for the party. Although Modi will be a bit disappointed. This is not just about the recent results of the by-elections held in seven assembly seats in six states, which were a little disappointing except for Tripura. The results of the by-election were not a reflection of his governance. The by-elections themselves were insignificant given the existing power equations on the ground. What will bother PM Modi is that these results were the latest of many indicators that his party was lagging behind in many states.

The prime minister will worry that reports from various states — allegations of corruption and infighting and incidents of moral decay within the BJP — tarnish the party’s image.

In June 2021, I wrote an article titled Breakdown in command and control of UP, MP, Goa, Uttarakhand-BJP. This was about the rapid split in the BJP in many states. A lot has happened in Indian politics since then. But for the BJP, despite victories in key states like Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, not much has changed – there is still an over-reliance on Prime Minister Modi and the opposition has offered no alternative. But much has changed or is changing within the BJP. Factionalism and conflicts have become more intense. Accusations of corruption and moral turpitude become a recurring feature. The crab mentality is becoming increasingly clear. We will discuss the how and why of this later.

By-elections send a strong message to the BJP

Let’s look at the results of the assembly’s by-election. It was a big achievement for the BJP in Tripura where it retained one seat and took one seat from the Left and won the Muslim-dominated Boxanagar seat for the first time. The BJP’s rivals can offer several excuses: large-scale rigging, indifference by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and its candidate, and, 12 days before the by-election, by Bilal Mian, a former Congress minister and two-time MLA from Boxanagar.Rebellion. His move to the BJP ahead of the by-election and support for its candidate Tafazzal Hussain, another ex-Congress leader. However, the truth is also that the BJP got 88 percent of the votes in the constituency, which has an estimated 66 percent Muslim population. This is a big thing for the BJP, although it was not celebrated enough.

BJP national president JP Nadda immediately congratulated Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha and other party leaders. Nadda has Tweet “This result shows the people’s acceptance of the development work being done by our twin engine government under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri @narendramodi ji”

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