Novak Djokovic: Why the world’s number one player behaved like a fool

Novak Djokovic: Why the world’s number one player behaved like a fool

Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one tennis player, may not be as proficient in his sport as he is in practical life. If he had been so proficient in practical life, nothing would have happened to him in Australia. And even before he left for Australia, he would have taken steps that would have prevented him from being deported from Australia. Djokovic already knew that corona protocol and vaccine regulations in Australia were very strict and did not compromise. However, he went there to play the Australian Open on his own terms without taking the vaccine. He may have thought he was the number one tennis player and last year’s Australian Open champion so the authorities would have made some concessions to him. However, he himself has become a fool by thinking like this and today the situation is that most of the people around the world are laughing at him and some are openly calling him a fool.

Djokovic’s hopes of playing in the Australian Open were dashed when an appeal against his deportation was rejected by an Australian court on Sunday. He left Australia heavily on Sunday evening. Three federal court judges upheld the immigration minister’s decision on Friday to revoke the visa of the world’s number one tennis player on public grounds. Djokovic issued the statement after three federal court judges unanimously upheld the immigration minister’s decision to revoke the visa. “I am very disappointed with the court’s decision to reject my appeal for a judicial review of the minister’s decision to revoke my visa,” he said. Which literally means I can no longer live in Australia and participate in the Australian Open. Djokovic left Australia for Dubai on Sunday and then left for Serbia via Dubai on Monday morning. He was unable to defend his title at the Australian Open due to non-vaccination against Coro.

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He arrived in Dubai after a 13-and-a-half-hour flight from Melbourne to the Emirates, from where he was spotted boarding a flight to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Vaccination is not mandatory for passengers in Dubai but they are required to show a negative RT-PCR report before boarding the flight. Djokovic, a nine-time Australian Open and 20 Grand Slam title winner, had his visa revoked twice in Australia. The court ruled in his favor when he appealed to the court the first time his visa was revoked. However, the second time a three-judge federal court ruled against him, it was his turn to leave.
Novak Djokovic, the number one tennis player deported from Australia due to non-vaccination against Coro, has been unable to defend his title at the Australian Open and is now in doubt about playing in the French Open. France has also introduced a new law on vaccines. According to him, only those who have been vaccinated will be able to go to public places. Djokovic, who has not yet received the corona vaccine in this situation, could also lose the Grand Slam. France’s sports ministry clarified on Monday that no one would be exempt from the new vaccine law and that the rule would apply to the general public as well as professional athletes.

Djokovic, who has established his monopoly on the tennis world with his best performance over the past few years, needs to change his stance on the corona vaccine as different countries around the world begin to legislate on the corona vaccine. Djokovic has not said why he did not get the vaccine, and if he continues to think about the vaccine, this one small issue could be a big problem for him. Even if this is just news, it could tarnish the sparkle of a player like Djokovic’s tennis career. The small issue that Djokovic has worked so hard to reach for decades could get him into trouble, and he needs to be alert when Djokovic, who has won a total of 84 titles, including 20 Grand Slams, is considered a fool.

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