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The Okanagan Indian Band held a grand opening ceremony for its newly built Cultural Arbor at Vernon PC’s Comasket Park in the Silks area.

The celebration welcomed many from OKIB who came to see the new gathering place of their community.

“It’s very important for our community because it’s one of the places where we hold events, families get down and get together. That means when you look around, you can not find a beautiful place anywhere in Okanagan,” said Byron Lewis, head of the Okanagan Indian Band.

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Arbor was built in the 1980s and laid out in 2018. The restructuring includes several parts of the original arbor and is expected to last in the community for decades.

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“The other was in the 80s (started) and because it was made of wood there was a lot of rot, so we had to take everything down. But what you see is wood made of wood, so I think it will last (a long time),” Lewis said.

About 300 people can stay in Arbor. It is a building with a round open roof, with bleacher style seats that flow in four layers inside the structure.

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Many members of the community who attended the event thanked Arbor for his withdrawal.

“This is how we reunite our family and people, which has been essential for our contact with the Govt and fire for the past two years, which is very important to our people,” said Deb Nichols, a member of the OKIB community.

OKIB plans to hold more events in Arbor as soon as possible, as many events have been put on hold due to Govt-19.