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With just over a week to go before the election, candidates in the Simco North constituency are working to find as many constituencies as possible.

“The Simco North constituency has a relatively low turnout of about 50 percent, so this shows the work that all parties need to do,” said Liberal candidate Aaron Caden Hills.

The Lockheed student takes his first crack in the office with plans to tackle affordable prices and make life easier for seniors and future generations.

“These are people with real stories of real problems, and we have a government that does not want to solve it,” Caden Hills said. “We need to focus more on the vulnerable people in our community, our seniors, young people and those who are sick using hospitals.”

At Elizabeth Van Hout’s NDP campaign office, signs go out the door once again.

“Some of our identities at major intersections and shopping centers in Aurelia are damaged and some are missing,” he said. “This applies not only to me, but also to other parties such as the Liberals and the Greens.”

The social worker believes it is a charm to run in the election for the third time and says he will not stop fighting for his community.

“In my personal practice for the past two years, what I have heard is not like what I have experienced in my life, everyone is suffering,” Van Hout said. “They’re worried about how they’re going to pay for the goods – they ‘re going to get health care.”

Green Party candidate Crystal Brooks’ passion for the environment prompted him to run and become a voice for change.

“The Aliston watershed is a big issue for me, and the expansion is a huge issue, it’s related to housing and there are so many issues, I think it’s very important to a lot of people,” Brooks said.

Meanwhile, current Jill Dunlap is set to be re-elected for a second term.

Creating opportunities for young people to go to school and work locally will continue to be a priority, he said.

“We have been able to achieve many great things here and have brought a lot of investment to the region.

I’m especially proud of the work we have done on health care and bringing a new school to the area, “Dunlap said.

Three candidates are vying with New Blue on June 2, including Mark Turis, Libertarian William Jocelyn and Aaron McDonald’s with the Ontario Party.

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