Organizing Bhoomi Pujan and soil mining for the proposed 1.25 crore Parthiv Linga worship in Saurath Sabhagachi Pi News

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Preparations are in full swing for the proposed 1.25 crore Parthiv Linga worship in Saurath Sabhagachi. For which the program of Bhoomi Pujan and soil mining-collection was done today, 30 June 2022 according to Ashadh Shukla Pratipada on Thursday. On this occasion, hundreds of religious people, including the members of the organizing committee, took out a procession from Saurath Mahadev place to Mithauli Mahadev place with enthusiasm for mining and collection of soil and duly carried out this holy work.

It is to be known that in the month of November this year, on the 13th of the historic Saurath Sabhagachi, according to the tradition of Mithila, 1.25 crore earthly Shivling worship has been decided. Apart from all the officers and members of the organizing committee, other villagers are also engaged whole-heartedly for its success. And there is a lot of enthusiasm among the local people about this event. On this special occasion, local and nearby villagers were specially invited, who regularly take Kanwar to offer water to Baba Vaidyanath. A lot of reverence is being seen in all the Kanwariyas of Mithila region regarding this event.

On this occasion, Anand Jha, Manoj Jha, Vimal Jha, Rakesh Mishra, Tinku Mishra etc. of the organizing committee told that the holy region of Mithila has always been a devotee of Shiva and Shakti. It is a matter of great fortune that a resolution has been taken to organize 1.25 crore earthly Shivling worship, Abhishek and 1.25 lakh Mahamrityunjaya chanting according to the tradition of Mithila in Saurath Sabhagachi, which is known as the heart of Mithila. Where two Shiva temples of Baba Somnath and Baba Madhaveshwar Nath are present. According to the organizers, there is a possibility of Shiva devotees coming from far and wide in this event.