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Hydro Ottawa says electricity has been restored to Ottawa’s “total power grid” after nine days of work to repair damage to the hydro infrastructure following a powerful storm.

Now, groups are focusing on the “small pockets” of malfunctions caused by wood connections, damage to equipment and other interruptions that have left 9,000 homes and businesses not yet connected to the grid.

As of 8pm on Sunday, 9,000 customers across the city were without electricity following a storm that hit Ottawa at 190km / h on May 21st. Hydro Ottawa says about 94 percent of its 100,000 customers have been affected by the storm. The storm regained power.

In a note to the Council, Price Conrad, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hydro Ottawa, said that the priority was to restore the “total power grid” with the goal of “flowing electricity to every circuit in our territory”.

“Earlier today, we were able to complete that task,” Conrad said.

“To be very clear, 9,000 customers are still not connected to the grid – due to various wood connections, damage to equipment or other interruptions. As the total grid operates, our crew will now return to smaller packets of malfunctions.”

Hydro teams from Toronto, Kingston, London and New Brunswick have been assisting the Hydro Ottawa team. A further 50 contractors joined the effort on Sunday, and more will come on Monday, Conrad said.

“I fully appreciate the level of frustration and anger that many of you are dealing with and will continue to deal with it until the restoration is complete,” Conrad said. “All of our resources – domestic staff, contractors and neighborhood utility staff – will be fully engaged and employed until we connect every resident and business in Ottawa.”

More than a dozen schools in Ottawa will be closed due to the power outage on Monday, and the city of Ottawa will open “one-stop shops” for community support information.

Hydro Ottawa said this weekend that with the team in the “last phase of restructuring efforts” they are focusing on the following areas today.

  • Bells Corners East and Lynwood Village
  • Carlingwood West, Clapper Park, McKeller Heights and Whitehaven
  • City View, Crestview and Medolands Drive
  • Cityview Skyline, Fisher Heights
  • Fisher Glenn
  • Lincoln Heights and Britannia Heights
  • Areas around Merivale Garden and Merivale Road
  • Paul’s Vanier Park
  • Pineglen connection
  • Queensway Terrace South and Ridgeview
  • Riverside Park and Hawks Pack

Some sections of the Alta Vista Ward are back online Sunday evening. Hydro Ottawa said “The purpose of the work is done” Alta Vista and crew will be onsite to restore the neighborhood on Sunday nights and Mondays.

“We have not forgotten you,” says Hydro Ottawa

Frustration is raging across Ottawa this weekend as residents spent the second weekend without electricity following the May 21 storm.

Muklia insists that Hydro Ottawa will continue to work 24/7 until the entire phase is restored.

“We hope the residents can tolerate us for a while longer,” Mugilia said.

“It had a very wide impact on our city. There are huge amounts of trees on the wires and broken poles and we are still dealing with it.”

Mughalia says Hydro Ottawa has not forgotten its 18,000 customers who still have no electricity.

“There are residents who think we have forgotten about them. I can assure you that we have not forgotten about them,” Mugilia said Saturday.

“We know every feeder that interferes with every feeder. Whether you see a street from you, a street with power and a street you do not have – be sure, we have not forgotten anyone.”

Hydro One and Hydro Quebec

Hydro One reported that less than 12,000 customers across Ontario were without electricity on Sunday morning. The company says it has operated more than 750,000 customers since the storm hit last Saturday.

Hydro One warns that some remote areas may still have days or weeks to regain power.

More than 1,900 power poles were damaged by the storm.

Hydro Quebec said 6,300 customers across the province were without electricity on Sunday morning, most of them in the Laurentites area. In the Outaouais area, less than 1,000 customers are not yet connected to the grid. Power has been restored to most customers at Gatineau; However, there are scattered resistors in the outlying area of ​​places such as La Peche and Wall-des-Montes.


The Ottawa Carleton District School Board and the Ottawa Catholic School Board say schools will reopen for face-to-face learning Monday if authorized.

Schools will reopen on Monday if electricity is restored by 3pm on Sunday.

Details of the school bus route cancellation are available on the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority website.

Food waste

All organic trash cans have been removed from 15 locations across the city.

For information on waste disposal options, visit the City of Ottawa website.

Cleaning up capital

The city of Ottawa has launched a new environmental clean-up program called “Capital Cleansing: After the Storm”.

Like the annual Cleaning the Capsular program, neighbors, family and friends can work together to clean up their surroundings following a storm. Residents are asked to fill out an electronic registration form for the “Capital Cleansing” program.

Pick-up items are available at the following locations from Saturday, 10am to 10pm:

  • Navan Memorial Center & Stadium, 1295 Colony Road
  • Howard Darwin Centennial (Merivale) Stadium, 1765 Merivale Road
  • Hunt Club-Riverside Park Community Center, 3320 Ball Anga Drive
  • Cartelrec Entertainment Complex (Coleborn), 1500 Shia Road

The city has partnered with the NGO Samaritans Purse to provide assistance to residents affected by their personal property. For more information, visit

Volunteers are requested to bring the following:

  • Clothing that is weatherproof can get dirty, wet or damaged
  • If you have work gloves, otherwise they may be provided
  • Close-fitting shoes (steel-toed shoes)

Please do not bring your own equipment or tools to the Samaritan Purse program.