Pak-Afghan Chaman border closed on Thursday for trade and pedestrian traffic

Controversy over not being allowed to travel on travel documents

The Pak-Afghan Chaman border was closed to trade and pedestrians on Thursday.

After opening the Pak-Afghan border in Chaman this morning, it was closed unannounced at the Bab Dosti Gate between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Due to the closure of the border, pedestrian traffic and trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan through Chaman border was also suspended.

Long queues of freight trucks lined up inside and outside the customs house at the Chaman border, while pedestrians and commuters also faced difficulties.

According to security sources, a dispute has arisen between Pakistani and Afghan security personnel at the Bab Dosti Gate on the Chaman border over not allowing passengers to travel on travel documents.

At the Chaman border, when Pakistani security personnel stopped travelers from Afghanistan and refused to accept local Afghan travel documents, Afghan security personnel closed trade and footpaths, completing the border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Closed.