Pakistan receives second batch of 6 J-10C fighters from China, it is called “Dragon from the East” | Pro IQRA News

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Pakistan has received the second batch of six J-10C fighter jets from China, which the Pakistan Air Force calls the “Dragon from the East”. According to local media in Pakistan, the total number of such fighters rose to 12 after the second batch of six Chinese J-10C aircraft arrived in Pakistan.

Confirming the shipment’s arrival, the Pakistan Strategic Forum tweeted: “Pakistan’s local media outlet 92News has confirmed the delivery of an additional six J-10Cs to the Pakistan Air Force, bringing the total to 12.” The Pakistan Strategic Forum is an independent think tank managed by an international team of researchers.

The Pakistan Air Force commissioned the first batch of six J-10C fighter jets in March this year. Prime Minister Imran Khan at the time said “unfortunately, there are attempts to create an imbalance in the region and today a major addition has been made to our defense system to address this.”


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