Pakistan’s police and judiciary are the most corrupt institutions

Pakistan’s police and judiciary are the most corrupt institutions

ISLAMABAD: According to a survey report released by Transparency International, the police is the first in Pakistan while the judiciary is the second most corrupt institution in the country.

In the survey, 85.6% of citizens described the federal government’s self-accountability as unsatisfactory.

According to Transparency International’s survey report, 41.4% of people consider the police to be corrupt.

While the judiciary ranks second among corrupt institutions, according to the survey, 17.4% of the people are against the judiciary.

The report said that the number of cases pending in the Supreme Court is 46,698, while 1,772,990 cases are pending in the district judiciary.

According to 10.3% of Pakistani people, tenders and contractors are ranked third in corruption.

According to the survey, health is fourth, land administration is fifth, local government is sixth, education is seventh, taxation is eighth and NGOs are ninth in corruption.

According to the report, 51.9% of the people cited weak factors of accountability as the main cause of corruption, while 29.3% cited the greed of powerful people as the cause of corruption.

18.8% of the people have blamed low pay for corruption.

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