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Parliament’s special session: why this veil of mystery

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This is the first government in the country that has brought politics into the era of shadowism. The extra session of the country’s parliament is about to begin, but leaving the opposition aside, even the members of the Union Cabinet do not know what is the agenda of this extra session. This is the first government to organize regular classes and tell its ministers which subjects to speak outside parliament and which not to. It is very difficult to understand what is the motive behind this shadowism of the government.

The special session of Parliament has been held on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. This is also happening for the first time that any session of Parliament is held on a holiday in the country. Ganesh Chaturthi is the biggest festival in North India but the government kept it aside and fixed this day for the inauguration of the new parliament building for a special session. Many political parties in the country also questioned this decision of the government. Even criticized but the strong and fearless government of the country did not move even an inch from its decision.

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Parliament’s extra session is called when there is no crisis in the country. There is no reason why this session was called. The opposition or any other party did not even demand that an extra session of parliament be called. Preparations for the G-20 group meeting are also underway in the country, but the call for an extra session of parliament and its yet-to-be-announced agenda make the whole thing mysterious. The question is what is it that the government is hiding from the country?

Senior Congress leader Sonia Gandhi has written a letter to PM Modi regarding this secret special session in the history of Parliament and has demanded discussion on nine issues like inflation, India-China border dispute and Manipur. The special session runs from September 18 to September 22. The first day’s work will be held in the old building, but from the second day all members of parliament will sit in the new building. This extra session will be the first time the opposition reaches parliament in a new form. 24 out of 28 parties that are part of the opposition INDIA alliance will participate in the extra session of Parliament. The opposition says the Modi government is calling an extra session of Parliament for the first time without revealing the agenda. Neither advice nor information has been obtained from any opposition party. It is clear that the government will not work with the opposition’s agenda but on its own intelligence agenda and even the Riksdag’s extra session will be affected by the commotion surrounding this. The government also wants, amid the uproar in the Riksdag, to receive the proposals, i.e. bills, on its intelligence agenda through a voice vote.

It is no longer possible for an astrologer or a recluse to know what is in the mind of the country’s fate makers who shroud politics in a shroud of mystery. Even Ram ji would not know what topics the government wants to surprise the country with during the special session. It is beyond comprehension why the government felt the need to maintain so much secrecy. Sometimes it seems like the country’s government is not a majority government but a magic tent for the PC government. Where only the magician knows the trick being performed. The Magician both shocks and entertains. Even Mohan Bhagwat did not indicate what the government wants to do about this.

There has been a tradition of special sessions of Parliament that along with the announcement of the convening of the level, the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs also publishes the agenda of the Parliament. They do this so that the opposition parties will also make their own preparations, this time the opposition was not taken into confidence. According to the government, the opposition is not worthy of trust. Can you imagine what the conditions for democracy would be like in a country where the opposition is so humiliated? Now the opposition is not only the opposition but the government sees an enemy army. What other purpose could there be to hide everything from the opposition? The strength of the opposition is limited. The opposition cannot bring down the government. This has been proven during the motion of no confidence in the last session of Parliament, but the government is afraid of the opposition. The way the Prime Minister has given instructions on “do’s and don’ts” to the cabinet members in the cabinet meeting ahead of the extra session of Parliament, it seems something “Ghallu-Ghara” is about to happen. The Prime Minister has asked his ministers to stay silent on the G-20 meeting and the ‘India vs India’ controversy. Modi gave the ministers freedom to speak on the Sanatan Dharma controversy. But said your answer should be based on the question, the constitution does not allow insulting any religion.

The interesting thing is that there is no question of insecurity in Sanatan Dharma in the country right now. The BJP and the government are creating a hue and cry over Udhayanidhi’s statement. As the prime minister informs by calling a cabinet meeting, how much better would it have been if he had held a meeting with the opposition and called an extra session of parliament?