Partha Chatterjee: Faith in leader and party unshakable, MLA not resigning Partha : Lawyer | What lawyer Sukanya Biswas says about Partha Chatterjee’s resignation as MLA | Pro IQRA News

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Partha Chatterjee: Partha Chatterjee’s lawyer Sukanya Biswas made it clear that Partha does not want to quit as MLA at all. Parthar even has confidence in his clear demands of party leader and party.

Kolkata: Former state education minister Partha Chatterjee is now spending his days in the President’s Penitentiary under a court order. He is in the second cell of the first twenty-two cells of the presidential prison. Meanwhile, Partha’s lawyer Chattopadhyay Krishnachandra Das told the court on Friday that Partha is ready to resign as an MLA if necessary to erase the influential image. A lot of speculation started in political circles. Meanwhile, his other lawyer Sukanya Biswas clarified that Parth does not want to leave the post of MLA at all. Parthar even has confidence in his clear demands of party leader and party. He will complete his term as MLA.

On the other hand, talking about the Parth prisoner, Sukanya Biswas also said that everyone is given the same food. He adapts. He must adapt. You are lying on the ground. Without bed linen. It lies completely on the ground. He is treated as if he is said to be more ordinary than ordinary. He does not want to take any additional services. Don’t take it away from you.

So why did Parthar leave MLA speculation? Speaking in this context, Parthar’s lawyer Sukanya Biswas said, “Suddenly someone could say something to the media. But nothing like that happened. He said that now he is not going to leave the post of People’s Deputy. He wants to remain an MLA. He has enough confidence in the team and management. He clarified it. This is his opinion. He always told us that. As his lawyers, we know that. He trusts the law, he trusts the party. He will take upon himself what will happen in court, and he will prove his innocence.”

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Meanwhile, on August 5, a lawyer from Parthar met reporters outside the court and said, “In view of the ED’s words, we were talking about resigning as MLA. They say Parthababu is still a great MLA. He has influence. Then we said that if the call is given, we can give up the MLA seat. But the money found does not belong to Parthi Babu in any way.” Meanwhile, according to sources, Perth was given a bed on the advice of a doctor at the Presidential Jail.