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Ward residents put their problems in front of the officials.

The Dainik Bhaskar Rubaru program was held on Sunday in the city council premises to bring every problem of Barmer city’s main market and 9 surrounding wards to the responsible officials. The people of the ward told their problems to the concerned officials and the responsible officers assured to solve them within a week. On the other hand, the women scolded the officials of the water supply department. The problem of water, damaged sewerage has come to the fore in the ward. At the same time, there was a demand to build a Sulabh complex between Ahimsa Circle of Barmer and Subhash Chowk. The officials talked about setting up a temporary complex in a week.

The officers, leaders of opposition and councilors sitting nearby note down the problems in the program.

In fact, Dainik Bhaskar started the Baat Aapki Aur Aapki Ward program from last Sunday under Bhaskar Rubaru to take the problems in the city to the responsible officials. Today, on the second Sunday, the residents of ward numbers 2 to 5 and 31 to 35 put their problems in front of the councillor, city council, SDM and officials of the water supply department. And direct questions were asked and the officers also gave answers. In the program, Barmer SDM Samudr Singh, Deputy CMHO PC Deepan, Municipal Council Assistant Administrative Officer Swarup Sharma, City Council XEN Dilip Mathur, PHED JEN Pawan Jagid, Leader of Opposition Prithviraj Chandak, Kotwal Ugamraj Soni, Discom JEN Ranmal and concerned officers and councilors were also present. .

People put their problems in front of the officials, the common problem was water.

People put their problems in front of the officials, the common problem was water.

Barmer SDM Samudr Singh Bhati said that Bhaskar has taken a good initiative in taking the problems of the people to the administration. People have come across the problem of adequate pressure in the water supply, broken cover of damaged sewerage and no water reaching the end. Whatever problems people have put in the program have been noted. The concerned officers have been directed to resolve the issue at the earliest. The officials have been called for sewerage repair including laying the line.

this is a common problem

In 9 wards of the city, there have been problems of water supply, damaged roads from place to place, open sewerage lids and lack of water pressure and cleanliness. At the same time, in many wards, he also kept his problem regarding pattas.

These people told the problems

  • The councilor said that the old building has become dilapidated at many places in the city. There is always a danger of rain in the coming time. The city council has been informed about this but no action has been taken so far.
  • Pukhraj of Ward No. 35 said that due to non-fixation of time for supply of water, water flows in vain due to water supply during night time. Told water department officials but no solution has been found. Do not supply water after overflow.
  • Leader of the Opposition Prithvi Chadank said that water is not supplied on time in Barmer city and whenever it happens there is no pressure. The people of the city are yearning for water, the water supply department officials do not work and are negligent.
  • Kailash Kotdia said that there is a garbage point near the cremation ground. It should be removed from there. It becomes difficult for people to stand there during the funeral.
  • Kavita of Ward No 33 said that water is not supplied for 6-7 days. When it does, there is no pressure. If you complain, talk about installing the machine. We have not used it because it seems right. Dirty water comes up to 10 minutes after supply.
  • Nikita, a resident of the refugee quarter, says that we have been living here since 1971. But due to lack of lease, they are not able to build the house. Have to live in a kutcha house.
  • Anand Purohit of Ward No 32 says that the water pipeline between Laxmi Cinema to Railway Station is not laid till date and there is no Sulabh Complex from Laxmi Cinema to Ahimsa Circle.
  • Gunesh Maheshwari of Ward No. 33 says that the slaughterhouse in the locality should be closed. Stray animals should be sent to Nandi Gaushala and dogs out of the city. This would prevent the accident.

Officials gave this answer

  • The SDM said that after identifying the dilapidated building in the city, he would give notice to the concerned owner. Despite this, if the owner does not look into it, then the city council will take further action.
  • Officials said that the overflow water is supplied after the tank is full during the night time. It is not that there is no water supply. Water supply is done separately.
  • Officials of the water supply department said that the work order for laying the new pipeline has been removed. The work will start from next month. Will complete the work in two-three months.
  • Officials said that they will try not to collect much garbage there. Looking at the new place.
  • PHED officials said that due to the high altitude area, there is a problem of pressure. But we will make the supply smooth by changing the valve.
  • The SDM said that you get your measles tested. Get the letters and see if there is a problem.
  • The city council official said that a temporary accessible complex would be set up within a week.
  • City council officials said that the slaughterhouses near the residential houses would be closed and the stray animals would be sent to the gaushala after running a campaign.

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