People were sharing ‘The Bad Guys in History Who Were Not Bad’ — 13 Leading Nominations | Pro IQRA News

People were sharing ‘The Bad Guys in History Who Were Not Bad’ — 13 Leading Nominations

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John Plunkett. Updated March 7, 2023

A while back we wrote about villains in stories who were actually 100% right.

And we mention it because it looks like a real version of that after jamespeech111 asked this on Reddit.

“Who is the bad guy in history who wasn’t actually a bad guy?”

This elicited a lot of interesting and sometimes interesting responses. Here are our favourites.


Richard Jewell. The Atlanta Olympic security guard who was blamed for the bombing.
Vancouver Bram

He was initially hailed as a hero and a brave man who ran towards the bomb to help…
Then the FBI and the media turned on him and accused him of doing the bombing himself… because;

He was actually strangely brave and ran towards the bomb to help people.

“They took his truck for evidence, and he had to go into hiding… made a villain by incompetent people… for years… He was finally exonerated and died shortly thereafter.”


In Titanic, Murdoch’s character killed someone, took bribes, and generally came across as despicable.

He was a real person who was actually a hero and saved many lives. His living relatives were so disgusted that the Vice-President of Fox traveled to Dalbeattie to apologize in person and made a £5,000 donation to Dalbeattie High School to promote the school’s William Murdoch Memorial Prize.


The woman who spilled McDonald’s coffee on her lap.
Submission NICE 7043

She had third degree burns to her pelvis. I was in the hospital for 8 days and required 2 years of rehabilitation. The media jumped on the story and made it a poster case for frivolous lawsuits.
The color


“The dingo really ate her baby.”

‘This is so terrible.’ Her child was brutally killed and eaten. Imagine finding out about your child. Then she was charged with murder. Finally the whole world pulled a joke. Even Ellen on Seinfeld.

All their lives these poor people had suffered greatly because people thought their child’s death was funny.

“I can’t even imagine their heartache.”
Miniatures r-life


“In Braveheart, he was betrayed by Robert the Bruce and Liam Wallace which never happened, he was loyal to the end.”

This movie made me so angry. I grew up on it, and loved it for what I assumed was a historically accurate depiction.

Not only is the movie absurdly inaccurate, but the real history is arguably even more interesting than the movie! There was no need for “technical restructuring”. They could have just dramatized the actual events and it would have been a great movie.
You better eat that shit


Niccolo Machiavelli. Machiavelli did not invent the idea of ​​lying or cruelty. He made a note of what worked and tried to get a new gig. Now his name is synonymous with “heartless manipulator”.

“One of the most honest men in history, his name is synonymous with villainy instead.”