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#Karnataka: A snake is a creature that frightens people when they see it. It’s a bite. But this fear is unnecessary. Snakes usually do not bite unless they are frightened. And the most innocent creature. But the behavior is such that everyone is afraid. The funny thing is that most snakes have no venom. As a rule, snakes that sometimes roam in ponds or streams are non-venomous. But the cobra is different! Cobras are known to be poisonous. Picture in one frame.

Recently, this cobra was the cause of a terrible incident. The bus starts its daily journey in Karnataka. The passengers got up and walked away. It is interesting that Baba the cobra got into this bus along with the passengers. After that he sat down in a corner. But will people avoid the eyes? There is one! So what happened happened.

A passenger saw the cobra. They immediately drove the bus. Everyone moved for fear of being photographed. The cobra got even more scared and ran away. Finally the bus stopped. The passengers jumped down. But the cobra strikes again. After that, the snake catching team was informed. Forestry workers arrived and rescued the cobra. After that, the snake was released in the forest. No, he didn’t photograph anyone. On the contrary, he was half dead with fear. This video is going viral thanks to its sharing on social media!

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