PM Modi said – I will chair the session on ‘One Earth’, ‘One Family’ and ‘One Future’ | Pro IQRA News

PM Modi said – I will chair the session on ‘One Earth’, ‘One Family’ and ‘One Future’

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New Delhi: Leaders from around the world have started arriving for the G20 summit chaired by India. About 30 heads of state and government around the world will participate in this summit, which will be held on September 9-10.

In this one year, India has sought to “bridge divides, break barriers and sow seeds of cooperation,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote in an editorial on Thursday, vowing that this weekend’s summit would “reach out to the last mile will reach and will leave no behind.”

The Prime Minister has written in his article that “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – these two words reflect a deep philosophy. This phrase means ‘the world is a family’. It is an all-encompassing strategy that encourages us to evolve as a universal family beyond borders, languages ​​and ideologies. Under India’s G20 chairmanship, this has turned into a call for human-centered progress.

G-20 LIVE updates

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while presenting his views on social media ahead of the summit, has written in a series of tweets that during the G20 summit, I will attend a session on ‘One Earth’, ‘One Family’ and ‘One’. Future’, which will cover a range of issues of major concern to the world community. These include striving for strong, sustainable, inclusive and balanced development.

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