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pongal 2022: What is the real meaning of Sankranti .. – what are the 4 days of ponga know here history significance celebrations of festival

pongal 2022: What is the real meaning of Sankranti .. – what are the 4 days of ponga know here history significance celebrations of festival


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Sankranthi is a farmers’ festival. Farmers celebrate this festival as a festival with the joy of having the crops in their hands. It is enough that this festival has come .. all the cities are going to be small .. everyone big and small, bus, train .. they will travel to the countryside as they can. If all the cities are empty for four or five days starting from here .. all the crop fields and races in Patna will be emptied as if we were all alone. Why is there such a craze for original wallpapers .. Let’s find out the features ..

Here are three quick and easy ways to do this.
Capricorn infection is when the sun enters Capricorn. This infection is called wallpaper. Sankrati is celebrated for three days. The first day of it was a bonfire. Capricorn on the second day, Kanuma on the third day. In some places, the fourth day is also celebrated as Mukkanuma.


Bhogi ..

Bonfires are lit on the first day of these three days. The old things in the houses are taken away and put in bonfires. During the three days of the Sankranthi festival, women decorate the front of the house with colorful motifs. Bhogi teeth are poured on small children on Bhogi day. Apart from losing all focus on them .. in fact it is believed that the blessings of Srimannarayana will be on the children. In addition the children put plums in the bath water. It is said that by doing this, the ayurvedic properties of the teeth will help to ward off winter skin diseases.

Wallpapers ..

On the day of Sankranti festival, the ancestral deities and gods are worshiped with pongali flour dishes. This day is also known as the festival of the elders as it is cooked and served to the dead. Some even set up a toy store on this day.
Consumption of this powder on a daily basis increases blood flow.
Kanuma ..

It is customary to worship Nandi, the favorite deity of Lord Shiva, on the day of Kanuma. Go worshipers and carnivores celebrate happily.


Mukkanuma ..

On the fourth day, the last day, offerings are made to the sellers. Sankranthi is a festival that gives joy to the giver. They worship the sun lord wishing that the coming crops will also be good.
Aries They always think the same ..
In which areas ..

Sankranti is celebrated not only by the Telugu people but also by the people of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Odisha in India.

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