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Ayodhya: Police said on Thursday that seven people had been arrested for allegedly throwing pieces of pork, letters insulting Muslims and torn pages of an Islamic text in some mosques here for sectarian violence. In an attempt to provoke, police said Thursday.

He said the arrested persons belonged to an organization called Hindu Yodha Sangathan, and the leader of the group was a historian against whom four criminal cases had been registered.

Police said they have registered four FIRs in connection with the incidents at Tatshah Jama Masjid, Ghosiana Masjid, a mosque in Kashmiri Mohalla and a shrine known as Gulab Shah Baba.

“This was an attempt to foment sectarian violence and riots in Ayodhya,” he said in a statement.

It said that at midnight on Tuesday, the suspects threw pieces of pork, threatening letters to a particular community and tore pages of sacred text on mosques and shrines.

Police said 11 people were involved in the plot and four of them escaped, adding that the suspects had bought skull caps, two copies of the Koran, pork and writing materials.

The statement said that during the investigation it was found out that the accused were angry over the Jahangirpuri incident in Delhi and wanted revenge.

Police have identified the arrested persons as leaders of the organization Mahesh Mishra, and Pratyush Kumar, Nitin Kumar, Deepak Gowda, Brijesh Pandey, Shatrughan and Vimal Pandey, all residents of Kotwali City Police Station area.

A case has been registered against the accused under the relevant provisions of IPC, including 295A (damaging or desecrating a place of worship with intent to insult the religion of any class) and 295A (intentional and Malicious acts aimed at hurting the religious sentiments of any class (religion or religious beliefs), police said.

Police said they first tried to plant objectionable objects in a mosque in Beniganj, but due to the presence of police in the area, they went to all three mosques and shrines.

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