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The proposal to appoint a consultant to replace around 800 crore city water supply schemes like Amrit Yojana, planning ahead of Kumbh Mela, direct water channel from Durana, some old channels was postponed in the meeting. Municipal Corporation Standing Committee Government has given three options for appointment of management consultants for project planning and management under Amrit Abhiyan. Due to the guidelines of the government, guidance will be taken from the Department of Urban Development regarding the municipal proposal. The old Ghantagarh contractors were given an extension till September 30 to collect and transport the domestic waste.

Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Dr. The standing committee meeting was held under the chairmanship of Chandrakant Pulkandwar. By 2041, the city’s population will be estimated and water supply will be planned accordingly. It also includes Amrit Vahni and Amrit Yojana. It is recommended to pour water directly through the drain. Some water channels in the city are old. Recently, several areas faced water shortage due to leakage in the main channel on Trimbak Road. There are plans to replace such channels. Planning has to be done in view of Samhasth Kumbh Mela. 800 crores of works related to water supply have been proposed and a revised plan has been drawn up and the proposal to appoint a consultancy firm to implement the plan has been shelved.

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The Urban Development Department then gave guidelines for the project under the Amrit Abhiyan. It has given three options to local self-governing bodies to appoint planning and management consultants for the Amrit project. Therefore, the management temporarily stopped the proposal of appointment of the consultant. The proposal of Ghandagadi was discussed in the meeting. The municipality has invited tenders for the watches. Verification of documents is in progress. Therefore, the existing clockwork contractors have been extended till September 30.


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