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Pran Pratishtha: Ramnagari sealed, no unauthorized entry allowed – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live Pi News


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Pran Pratishtha: Ramnagari is sealed, no unauthorized entry allowed

Security in Ayodhya.
– Photo: Amar Ujala

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Sealed under Ramnagari Pran Pratishtha programme. Security has been tightened at all entrances. No one is allowed to enter here without permission. Security agencies checked houses built on the route where the prime minister and other guests would pass. Armed soldiers will also be available at your home during the program.

Security cordon has been tightened in Ramnagari on the occasion of Pran Pratistha ceremony. The borders of Ayodhya Dham, including the district, have been sealed since Saturday evening. Security will be tight on routes leading to Ayodhya Dham, Udaya Square, Saket Petrol Pump, Ranopali, Tedhi Market, Mohabra, Stand 4, Balughat, Nayaghat, Railway Station. In addition to the civilian police, paramilitary forces were also involved. No one is allowed to enter by vehicle from here.

Only guests, orderly people and security personnel remain in the venue. Barricades were erected on both the roads from Udaya Square to Lata Mangeshkar Chowk. There are no orders to close shops, but barricades have been erected in front of shops, causing traffic disruption. Access roads from the streets are also closed. Armed personnel were placed every 100 meters. Residents living in houses built on both sides of the road from Saket College to Saryu Bank were identified. Here are instructions not to give shelter to anyone without the permission of the administration. The activities of the people living in these houses are monitored using drone cameras and other technologies.

SPG has taken over the security of the venue

Another SPG team reached Ayodhya before the arrival of the Prime Minister. After meeting the authorities, he took control of the security arrangements at the venue. All security agencies involved in the five-tier security system were briefed and instructed. Also, the security cordon has been strengthened in the places where VIPs stay and in the hotels. Here too, agencies warn against anyone moving and staying.

A change plan has been announced

Entry to Ramnagari will be prohibited from Sunday. Essential services will continue to operate. Strong security measures are in place. People of Ayodhya are the hosts, so cooperate in the activities. A diversion plan will be issued to enter the city.- Shailendra Gautam, CO, Ayodhya


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