Prayagraj Police 17 Murders in 28 days in prayagraj Yogi Government UP: In Prayagraj this month so much blood was shed, as much as it did not even in Kashmir! Pi News

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New Delhi: The law and order, regarding which CM Yogi got the throne for the second time, is now starting to weaken. In UP, where criminals used to sweat till 6 months ago, now they are roaming around fearlessly. In Prayagraj, so much blood has been shed in the last one month, as much as it would not have shed in Kashmir. Another murder took place in Naini area of ​​Prayagraj.

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  • Another murder in Prayagraj
  • 17 murders in 28 days

Another murder in Prayagraj

Sensation spread in the area due to the murder of a young man Brijesh in Naini area. The name of the deceased is being told as Brijesh Singh. It is clear from the manner in which the murder was carried out that the attackers had done a recce. According to the police, the attackers knew that he would come to school in the afternoon to pick up the children, so it is feared that he was already ambushed around the spot. As soon as Brijesh parked the bike under the tree, at the same time, the miscreants riding the bike, who came fast, opened fire on him.

17 murders in 28 days

  • Adarsh ​​Kesarwani murdered in Kotwali on April 1
  • 5 people killed in Nawabganj on 15th April
  • Property dealer murdered in Soraon on 15th April
  • A woman was murdered in Soraon on 15 April
  • Murder of 5 members of the same family in Tharwai on 23 April
  • A woman was murdered in Koraon on 24 April
  • 2 property dealers murdered in Dhumanganj on 27th April
  • A dead body was found in Nawabganj on 27 April
  • BJP leader’s brother murdered in Naini on 28 April