Preparations for a new T20 league consisting of six teams in South Africa Pi News

The South African Cricket Board has started preparations for a new six-team T20 league in association with a sports channel.

According to a press release from Cricket South Africa, foreign cricketers will also be in the competition and the auction will be held on time. Four foreign players will be allowed in each team.

The league will be managed by a new company. The release said that the company was considering an attractive player’s pay bill per team that would compete with other leagues around the world outside the IPL.

The league will consist of six privately owned franchises that will play against each other on two occasions in the round robin stage to advance to the playoffs. There will be 33 matches in a month.

“We are excited to create something fresh and exciting, which also offers the opportunity to invest privately in franchises,” said South African Cricket Board CEO Foliti Musaiki.

The CEO said that Cricket South Africa has already attracted interest from a number of potential local and international investors.

CSA’s Domestic Broadcast Partners will play a key role in popularizing the league and will not repeat what happened to the Global T20 League in 2017, which was canceled due to unavailability of broadcasters. Was

The support of the sports channel is essential for the continuation of the league, as they are Cricket South Africa’s domestic broadcasting partners. Without their purchase, the league was unable to start.

“We are thrilled to be investing in a product that will change the face of South African cricket,” said Mark Jury, CEO of Sports Channel. There is a difference in the initial year in the calendar, so the time is ideal.