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Prepare the most detailed 3D map of the known universe

Prepare the most detailed 3D map of the known universe

If you look at it carefully, you will see that it is full of stars. But now the most detailed three-dimensional (3D) map of the universe has been created, which is still a very clear and imaginative map.

The main task of the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DC) at the Catpack Observatory in Arizona is to detect dark matter or dark matter, but it has now developed a detailed three-dimensional map of the visible universe. Interestingly, it has been seven months since DC started but it has taken the most detailed three dimensional picture of its universe so far which even the common man is amazed to see.

Earlier, DC had mapped out a detailed map of 7.5 million galaxies, adding one million more galaxies each month. But remember that the whole map will be completed by 2026. It is expected that 35 million or 35 million galaxies will be added to the map at this time.

The map also includes space between stars, large filaments of light and energy, and other objects. But remember that this picture also shows the past of the universe and only the first galaxies and stars can be seen.

The DC Observatory has 5,000 sensitive optical fibers installed. Each fiber is controlled by a robot and its sensitivity is even thinner than human hair. Each filament absorbs light from the universe and adds it to the database.

That is, only one-third of the visible DC can photograph the sky. Based on this, scientists have tried to explain the past and present of these galaxies through simulations.

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