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Publish Date: | Mon, 30 May 2022 08:55 PM (IST)

Shajapur. Newcomer SP Jagdish Davar has been seen in action mode since taking over. ASP Tilak Singh Baghel is also seen active with him. Sources say that theft, vehicle theft, illegal liquor along with illegal weapons etc. will be busted soon by a police station located near the district headquarters under the leadership of new SP Davar. A police team is engaged for this. Some stolen vehicles have also been recovered. Efforts are on to recover some more vehicles and other goods. As soon as this exercise is completed, the disclosure will be made by the police soon.

The district is infamous for theft in abandoned houses, theft of vehicles and animals as well as theft of goods from vehicles plying on the forelane and internal roads of the district. The situation has become such that even Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has expressed displeasure about it. Seeing the intention and displeasure of CM Chouhan, the new SP Jagdish Dabur is seen in action mode since taking charge. Their focus is on curbing theft incidents as well as recovering the goods of the thefts in the past and sending the thieves behind the bars. The SP has expressed this intention in discussion with the station in-charges. Since then the station in-charge has also started working.

Vehicles and animals are found in abandoned halls

Incidents of vehicle and animal thefts continue to come to the fore in the district. The special thing is that many vehicles and animals are also found in unclaimed halls. There is a discussion about this that the brokers of miscreants are active in the district. Those who contact the victims after the incident. Vehicles and animals are left unattended by the miscreants after the case is settled between the victim and the touts and the transactions. Which is brought by the aggrieved side. Recently, in Kotwali police station area, a similar situation came to the fore in the theft of about five lakh rupees of an employee of a society organization. In which the miscreant fled by throwing a bag containing four lakh ten thousand rupees. The Kotwali police also disclosed the incident with the money found in the bag. However, the miscreants have not yet come to the hands of the police.

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Opportunity to increase the number in front of sir

According to the intention of the new SP Davar, there is a good chance in front of the police station in-charge to increase the number in front of the new sahib by putting a check on the theft cases, exposing the cases of theft, recovering the goods and catching the thieves. Seeing this, the sahib of a police station located near the district headquarters has gathered in full force. For the sake of disclosure, stolen vehicles from the district as well as stolen vehicles from other cities have also been recovered. While some vehicles have already been recovered, efforts are on to recover some more vehicles. There is a preparation to make a big disclosure under the leadership of Kulamkar Sahab, which will happen in the coming month.

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