Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas hot photoshoot: No dress or sari, Priyanka Chopra did a very hot photoshoot by wrapping her body in a thin cloth like a scarf.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas hot photoshoot: No dress or sari, Priyanka Chopra did a very hot photoshoot by wrapping her body in a thin cloth like a scarf.

The way Bollywood girl Priyanka Chopra has progressed in the last few years and the way she is making a name for herself and the country in Hollywood today, the whole journey is astounding. This modern nymph is always in the news because of her bold and beautiful look! Her one such stunning and unmistakable look is currently making everyone’s heart beat faster. Her fans are also saying that this photoshoot she did for a magazine is the best photoshoot she has ever done. After several days, reactions are coming that Priyanka has come forward in her best incarnation. Priyanka Chopra, a global celebrity, needs no introduction. She is an actress who is loved by her fans all over the world but she is also judged by every little thing related to her. This is also one of the reasons why Priyanka forces people to think in her own style every time, whether it is to get rid of the ‘Jonas’ behind her name or to break up stereotyped thoughts and marry a young child.

However, another aspect of the actress’ popularity is her style, which cannot be ignored. Priyanka, who has made a name for herself among the Hollywood beauties, not only has a taste for fashion, but also for the way she brings boldness in every look that makes her look like a stylish girl at a different level. This time too, something similar seems to be happening. Let’s find out what this look of hers is and why she is so appreciated. In fact, the actress has shared some photos of herself on her social media handle, in which she has chosen clothes for herself, which are literally hurting while looking, while some are making negative comments. (All photos – Priyanka Chopra Instagram)

Special photoshoot for the magazine

Priyanka has done this photoshoot for the famous fashion magazine ‘Vanity Fair’ and she is appearing on the cover photo of 2022. Most notably, Priyanka is the first Indian celebrity to appear on the cover of this magazine. When the special and exclusive photos of this photoshoot came out in front of everyone, everyone’s face started looking blank, so much so that this photoshoot has been abandoned. It has also become difficult to take your eyes off Priyanka. The biggest reason for this is that this time Priyanka has done her skin show without any hesitation.

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Fans break out in a sweat after watching the photoshoot

The first thing to know about Main Page is that Priyanka was wearing a white fringe dress of Italian luxury fashion brand Fendi. Joe was complimenting her curvy body tremendously. The dress had a pattern off the shoulder, the length of which was up to Thai poshran. It fits the body instead of the loose pattern. This gave her personality full grace. With this outfit, Priyanka had given a smoky touch to her eyes with liquid eyeliner. With which her hair was styled in a curly look. She also gave a finishing touch by applying a leap color of wood brown shade.

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A sexy look that has never been seen before

You can see Priyanka in this photo wearing a red transparent dress. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. A bow design has been created near the bust area in the upper part of the dress. This gives her a balanced look. With this look, Priyanka has not created any distraction.

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Who styled Priyanka?

No one can deny that Priyanka always looks stunning in this type of outfit. Her look is styled by Leith Clark, who is also the fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar. Not only has she added a lot of boldness to Priyanka’s look but she has also taken advantage of her sculpted body to give her a quirky look. Now look at this look of hers, in which Priyanka is wearing a classic three piece suit in black and white. Her styling is such that her clothes will be completely highlighted.

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priyankacha message

Priyanka says that many people ask her what to do to look beautiful? So Priyanka says that one thing is more important than dress and makeup to look beautiful and that thing is your confidence. No matter what you wear, no matter what you look like, how you look will determine your confidence. Because there is no more beautiful accessory than confidence. That’s why Priyanka tries to be as confident as possible every day. She says that the moment she won the Miss India crown gave her a lot of confidence and that confidence is still in her mind and it will never diminish.

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