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Carrie Lake, the Trump-backed candidate for Arizona governor, was not pleased Monday when Fox News presenter Brett Bayer asked him about a report related to the drag queens.

Lake began the interview with Bayer by concluding that the 2020 election was a “fraud” and that President Joe Biden was “illegal”. Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers responded last week by playing the testimony tape before the House Jan. 6 committee.

“He’s a Republican,” Bayer said. “She is a Trump supporter. That’s what he said. “

“He’s a rhino,” Lake replied. “I hope he’s defeated. He’s a complete RINO.”

“I understand what you are saying,” Bayer later said. “But, as you know, there are more than 70 court cases where there is no evidence and there is no state legislature or governor who has failed to certify the election, including your own Republican Doug Doozy.”

After Lake insisted that “we now have evidence” that the election was somehow rigged, Pierre went to a story last week in which Phoenix-based drag queen Rick Stevens said that Lake often went to a club where he performed. Lake also said he hired him to perform at his home for his birthday.

“She’s friendly with traction queens,” wrote Stevens, who provided the photos. Arizona Central As a source. “She had the baby in front of a drag queen. I dragged her into her house for her friends and family. She was not threatened by them. She would come to shows regularly. She made me a hooligan too much for political gain.

Bayer asked if Lake wanted to respond to the story.

“I care about addressing that,” Lake said. “But I’m really shocked. I’m really shocked to see Fox News picking up such a slanderous story – we are pursuing legal action against this drag queen – I’m surprised you will bring it up when you do not talk about our rigged election.

“We spent three questions talking about this,” Bayer retorted.

“I was very disappointed in Fox,” Lake later said. “I thought you were a little better than CNN.”

Regarding Bayer’s questions about the drag queen story, Lake added, “I think you want to ask them, but you do not want to hear about it. 2,000 donkeys. “(2,000 donkeys Is the title of a film by the far-right conspiracy theorist Dinesh D’Souza, who accuses the election of being rigged by widespread fraud.)

Before concluding Bayer’s interview, Locke had one more complaint: Last week, when Fox Anchor spoke with his primary rival, Karin Taylor Robson, he “never asked her any tough questions.” (Bayer denied this.) In that interview, Robson also lied that the 2020 election was “not fair.”

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