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Joshua Pruitt, the Pride Son who came close to coming face to face with then Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer during the US Capitol raid on January 6, 2021, was sentenced to four years and seven months in prison for his role in blocking the certification of the electoral college vote that day.

“You are at the forefront of that mob,” Judge Timothy Kelly said before passing his sentence Monday, adding that Pruitt and the mob’s actions that day “destroyed a previously unbroken tradition of a peaceful transition of power.”

Pruitt, who pleaded guilty in early June to obstructing official proceedings, was part of a Proud Boys group message in which members discussed plans to march to the Capitol and use force on January 6, according to prosecutors.

“Their plans are not limited to fighting Antifa: they anticipate going to the Capitol to stop certifying elections and confronting police who may try to get in their way,” prosecutors wrote in court documents.

At the time of the unrest, Pruitt was just a recruit waiting to be formally inducted into the far-right group.

“To join the Proud Boys, the defendant will do whatever is necessary,” one of the prosecutors, Alexis Jane Loeb, told Kelly during the sentencing hearing.

During the attack, Pruitt was one of the first mobs to enter several areas of the Capitol and smashed a large sign on the building, throwing it across the room, which prosecutors said was meant to incite the mob inside.

Schumer’s protective detail told prosecutors they had to change their evacuation plans when they saw Pruitt inside the building, which was only four or five seconds away from the senator. Instead of exiting via the elevator, Schumer and his details ran down the street and closed the double doors behind them, prosecutors said.

After storming the Capitol and being arrested that same day, Pruitt was sworn in as the Proud Boys on Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration Day, two weeks later.

Prior to his sentencing, Pruitt, who wore a prison jumpsuit with a 1776 tattoo on the knuckles of his right hand, told Kelly he still believes the 2020 election was stolen but admits he broke the law.

“I wish I would have watched it from a restaurant,” Pruitt said of January 6, which he added wasn’t a “good day.”


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