“PTI to win 10 more seats in Punjab in upcoming elections” | Pro IQRA News

“PTI to win 10 more seats in Punjab in upcoming elections”

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PML-N has lost ground. PTI is likely to form the government in Punjab even after the new elections. PML-N may not be able to retain as many seats as before. PTI will win 10 seats more than last time. The strategy of PML-N was wrong to wait for Nawaz Sharif for the election campaign. They should have gone to the constituencies themselves in the by-elections. Now I think candidates for all these constituencies may not be able to complete. This is what senior journalist Iftikhar Ahmed has to say.

Speaking on Naya Dur TV’s talk show ‘Khabar Se Aayde’, he said that this is the only country where the assemblies were dissolved at the request of a single person who wanted to contest the elections. What kind of democracy is it to dissolve the assembly formed by vote just to reconstitute the government by vote? Imran Khan had said that the elections will be held in March and April, Fawad Chaudhary and Sheikh Rasheed also said the same. What a coincidence that what they say works. Even if the elections are postponed, they may be for a short period, not for years.

He said if all the elections are held together then it is good otherwise the whole year will be spent on elections. Economic conditions are already bad enough. Imran Khan’s public diplomacy has been successful since April last year.

Murtaza Solangi said there is a possibility that the elections of the two provincial assemblies will be moved a little beyond April 30 and the elections for the National Assembly and the remaining two provincial assemblies will be held a little earlier and all the elections will be held. combined. Imran Khan wants to meet the army chief, but the army chief is not ready to give him a chance.

The presenter was Raza Rumi. “Khabar Se Aayda” airs every Monday to Saturday at 21.05.