Punjab police arrested 11 gangsters, saying they were planning seven murders. ProIQRA News

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Punjab Director General of Police (DGP) Varish Kumar Bhura addressing a press conference in Chandigarh. (ANI photo / file)

New Delhi: At least 11 gangsters were arrested by Punjab police on Thursday on charges of trying to commit seven high-profile murders in the state. Police said the killings were aimed at spreading unrest in Punjab.

Those arrested include Muhammad Yasin Akhtar, Inkash Sabharwal, Amar Malik, Navi, including Jaswal, Amardeep, Shiv Kumar and Arun Kumar.

He was also allegedly planning to release two jailed gangsters – Mani Rana and Pinnu Vadara – from police custody.

At least nine weapons were seized from the detainees.

The arrests come amid an ongoing probe into the murder of renowned Punjabi rapper and Congress leader Sadhu Musa Wala, who was shot dead in broad daylight on May 29 this year.