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# Yellow: There has been no rain for almost two months. Intense heat is going on all over South Bengal. Najehal condition of the people. Doctors have given multiple suggestions to stay healthy in hot weather. In severe heat, water crisis has started in several districts of South Bengal. Groundwater level in some blocks of East Midnapore district is declining rapidly. Water level is decreasing in several blocks of Panshkura Potashpur in East Midnapore district. Bad tube wells on him for a long time. Ordinary people have problems with drinking water. The villagers complained that the local gram panchayat representative did not take initiative despite knowing that the tube well was bad. The only tube well in Rajnagar village of Chakdwipa gram panchayat under Haldia development block has been in bad condition for almost a month. For drinking water, the villagers have to travel a distance of about 3 km every day to collect water. The villagers complained that there was no benefit in repeatedly informing the Gram Panchayat member about the problem of drinking water. On the one hand, there is the loss of life in the heat, on the other hand, the only tube well in the village has also deteriorated. Villagers are suffering from severe water shortage. Residents have written to BDO to install a submersible pump in the area.

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Local panchayat member Solema Bibi said, “People in the area have created problems by breaking tube wells themselves. We are trying to install submersible pumps as soon as possible.” The villagers dismissed the panchayat member’s demand as ridiculous. According to the residents of Rajnagar area, why should we destroy the only tube well in the village this summer and hit ourselves with our axes! The statement of the panchayat member is completely baseless. However, BDO of Haldia Development Block Sanjay Das said, “I have received a demand letter from the villagers for water. Chakradwipa gram panchayat has been asked to look into the matter. Drinking water will be provided in the area soon. “

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