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Qatar Conference.  Purpose – Mashriq TV

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Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has left to attend the United Nations conference in Doha at the invitation of the Emir of Qatar. The conference will promote further international aid initiatives and actions in favor of the least developed countries and agree on a new partnership between participating least developed countries and their development partners, aimed at sustainable development in the least developed countries. Measures to accelerate development will be considered which will help them on the road to prosperity, the fact is that the poor and less developed countries are currently suffering from the policies of the rich and developed countries. Due to the recession that we are facing, the conditions in the less developed countries are changing rapidly due to the cruel policies of the developed and rich countries, the international financial institutions under their influence, the IMF and the World Bank etc. The less developed and poorer countries around them Who are the? By trapping these small nations in a web of debt and confiscating all their resources, the lives of the people in the poor countries are made difficult and they have reached or are approaching the final limit of bankruptcy. Everyone knows the condition of the people in the countries – the people there are forced to live a miserable life, while the international organizations deprive them of all the resources in these countries. It is no secret that Lanka has been bankrupted by the aggressive economic and financial policies of international financial institutions, now they are planning to play the same game with Pakistan. has been forced and the stories of failure of Pakistan’s economic decimal are also heard. On behalf of the US, the IMF itself is creating problems for the Pakistani economy. Muslim brotherly countries who always come forward to help in times of trials are now making Pakistan’s help conditional on the IMF agreement and they do not realize that Pakistan used to guarantee their protection in the past. In return for which they used to offer various relief packages, including relief oil, cash assistance and heavy late payment loans, but these brother countries have also turned away. He has also continued to give some help and without mentioning the aggressive policy of a world power, he continues to help Pakistan morally by declaring that it is against Pakistan’s interests. But due to the strict conditions on which the IMF is forcing Pakistan to sign an agreement, the situation of the people of the country is getting worse day by day. Responsibilities of developed countries countries multiply and transfer to less developed, developing countries and poor countries To compile this economic policy by making such an economic policy, we must implement such partnerships in the less developed countries, with which even two or four countries from the weak economic and financial situation can go on the path of development and cope with prosperity. Rich countries along with developed countries will not step forward for any kind of aid, and conditions in these countries may suffer in the same way and cause many challenges to world peace at this time in the world. When terrorism spreads, economic factors will be behind it to a large extent, so the goals of the Qatar conference will not be achieved until developed countries contribute to the prosperity and development of less developed countries. They will not play their role in shaping positive policies. It is hoped that the conference will focus on finding answers to all these questions.