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Qld ban faces trial in sex slavery case Pi News


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A man accused of keeping women in slavery got the tattoos after allegedly drugging her, a court heard.

Matthew James Markrow was arraigned in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday on more than a dozen charges.

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The charges against the 38-year-old include three counts of operating an easement business and two counts of attempting to operate an easement business.

These figures include five women.


A woman claimed she was forcibly tattooed after being drugged up and taken to a tattoo artist by Markcrow under the influence of drugs, a court heard.

The woman said she woke up this morning with a tattoo.

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According to prosecutor Lana Maleckas, other women who were enslaved did not describe drug use.

“Their statements say that some of them agreed to the tattoo because they were scared.”

Markcrow has been in custody since his arrest in February 2021 on a number of charges.

Prosecutors have previously alleged that the women were given mind-numbing drugs and given tattoos as his property on the condition that they control their living, financial and working conditions.

Pictures on social media during Markcrow’s first court appearance showed four images of the “Property of Matt M” covered in images of a devil’s fork and an angel’s halo.

“If I had all the names, this would look like a wrap,” Markcrow captioned the photos.

Markcrow was also ordered to stand trial on one count each of knowingly engaging in unlawful prostitution and malicious conduct in the business of making observations or recordings in violation of privacy.

Markcrow is also charged with supplying dangerous drugs and failing to provide device passwords to police.

The alleged crimes occurred approximately two years before his arrest.

Magistrate Ann Thacker committed Markcrow to stand trial in the Brisbane District Court on a yet to be decided date.

He denied some of the charges, which prosecutors presented with no evidence.

Markcrow is expected to apply for bail, which prosecutors will oppose, at a later date.


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