Quadruplets in the IMSS of Sonora are born in good conditions

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Sonora couple achieves multiple pregnancy through fertilization

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A woman had quadruplets, two girls and two boys, at the Hospital de Gineco-Pediatría (HGP) of the IMSS in Hermosillo, Sonora, all with an average weight of one kilo 400 grams and optimal health.

In a bulletin it is reported that a couple achieved the multiple pregnancy via fertilization.

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The parents of the quadruplets are Geira Trinidad, who is in good health, and her husband Manuel Alberto.

Woman had quadruplets in the IMSS of Sonora
IMSS staff with the quadruplets that were born in Sonora (Courtesy photo)

Appreciation from the mother of the quadruplets

The attention was exceptionalI told everyone, it was something very well planned, implemented by the entire Social Security team, “said Geira Trinidad, who joined the HGP on September 12.

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“Both the Nursing staff, Social Work, the doctors they were always on the lookout of us, “he added.

In addition, the statement continues, the woman affirmed that she dealt not only with health professionals but also with “people with huge hearts.”

What are the babies called?

Now Vida Angelina, Geira María, Jesús Alberto and José Manuel, born on September 14, are in recovery.

Solo expect the weight they need to be discharged and join the family.

Dr. David Guillermo Cruz López, specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics and head of the Department of Gynecology at HGP, commented that the pregnancy was successfully carried out thanks to the multidisciplinary work IMSS staff.

“Thanks to the work team of all the doctors involved, as well as the nursing staff, quartermaster, orderlies, we were able to resolve a pregnancy with adequate evolution and without complications,” he said.

Woman had quadruplets in the IMSS of Sonora
Moment of the birth of one of the quadruplets at the IMSS in Sonora (Courtesy photo)

Importance of prenatal care

Cruz López explained that he took a prenatal control at the IMSS and a correct adaptation of the four babies was achieved throughout the pregnancy.

In addition, he added, it allowed a safe cesarean delivery, despite the fact that the mother had diseases such as cholestasis of pregnancy, gestational hypothyroidism.

He stressed that in surgery Pediatricians, gynecologists, anesthesiologists and Nursing staff participated, with teams of up to four specialists for each baby, for reception and postpartum care.

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