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The federal government has signed an agreement with Quebec to provide $ 221 million in funding for long-term care homes in the province to address “epidemic control gaps” and staffing issues highlighted by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos announced the safe long-term care fund in Montreal-North on Monday morning at the Saint-Leonard-Saint-Michel with Bourassa MP, Emmanuel Dubourg and MP Patricia Lattanzio.

“We looked at this particular part of Montreal, and on my own ride, we saw how harmful the epidemic can be to our elderly in long-term care homes, which was true even before the epidemic,” Douglos said. .

While this marks a significant investment in Quebec, there is no one from the province to announce in Montreal.

Duclos said he was in constant contact with Health Minister Christian Dube and that the announcement on Monday was one of several files from the federal government cooperating with him.

Provinces and Territories Canada has set aside $ 1 billion in its Fall 2020 Economic Report to help improve preventive control measures in long-term care homes. Ontario received $ 379 in SLTCF funding last April.

The health minister said it was “time to come to a good deal” with Quebec for the investment.

The financial announcement comes a month after Quebec’s coroner’s assessment of long-term care homes in the early days of the epidemic. Coroner Kehan ‚Äč‚ÄčKamal described some of Quebec’s CHSLDs as “regrettable” about how residents were treated and died in the first wave.

Through public hearings, inadequate staffing, poor infection control policies, families were barred from visiting their loved ones for several days amid the outbreak. Residents of care homes described as “war zones” were also once known as malnourished.

– This is a growing story. More details will come.