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Quetta Gladiators lost the match they won today criticized by Mohammad Asif

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(Web Desk) Former national cricketer Muhammad Yusuf said in “PSL Hungama” that there are so many seniors playing in Quetta and you are still playing such cricket then it is better for you to go home and young players. Come and play.

As per the details, Lahore Qalandars defeated Quetta Gladiators by 17 runs, Sarfaraz XI failed to meet the target of 149 runs despite a brilliant start. While analyzing in ‘PSL Hungama’, former national cricketer Salim Malik. It was said that it seemed like both teams were saying you win, you win. Quetta Gladiators got off to a good start and Lahore played very poorly in the beginning. In Lahore’s power play bowling, Lahore’s attempt to take the wicket was not seen, but even after all this, Quetta did not understand. There are so many experienced players in the team but I don’t know why Hafeez and Iftikhar were in such a hurry to come out. If you can’t reach the target of 149 in T20 then I think you should stop playing.

Former national cricketer Muhammad Yusuf said that I had said that bowling wins matches. Quetta Gladiators bowled like this today, they were 7 out for 50, the whole team scored 147, then the Quetta batsmen should have done things comfortably. Can’t understand Quetta deliberately not wanting to win or what is the problem The way Lahore’s Iskandar Raza played, how he stood up for Lahore and won the match despite more than half of the team being out, is commendable.

Former fast bowler Muhammad Asif said that Quetta Gladiators are a big blunderer today, they lost the match they won. So many seniors are playing and still you are playing such cricket you better go home and let the young players come and play. Like Shaheen came forward and batted when he was not a batsman, it was a wise decision, it is called leading from the front. Scored 27 off 28 balls.