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Rahim Yar Khan: 9 killed, Mumtaz Chang threatened for speaking out against Indhargang

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Punjab Assembly member Mumtaz Chang has said that he is receiving threats for speaking out against the Indhar gang.

Mumtaz Chang had held a press conference against the Andhar gang in Rahim Yar Khan last week after which he and his family started receiving threats. Police said that security has been provided to Mumtaz Chang. Mumtaz Chang bluntly said. He said that a full scale operation should be carried out against these terrorists. He hoped that the new police in the district would take action and former incompetent police officers would come to an end.

Three days ago, while talking to reporters in Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab Assembly member Mumtaz Chang had offered that the heirs of the murder of 9 people in Sadiqabad are businessmen and noble people and therefore they have separated from whom but I am ready to become a plaintiff.

Mumtaz Chang had said that none of the nine people killed by criminal elements in Sadiqabad was ready to become a plaintiff and the heirs of the slain victims have been left behind by their chiefs and local members of the provincial assembly due to fear.

Mumtaz Chang said that an SHO in the city has been sacked and reinstated due to collusion with criminal elements. Sent with threats.

The MPA said that the black sheep in the police had met with criminal elements. Despite paying an annual tax of Rs 100 million, the Punjab police is not providing protection and the Andhar gang has threatened serious consequences for supporting the victims.

Earlier, Dost Muhammad was appointed as the new SP Investigation Rahim Yar Khan in place of SP Investigation Arsalan Shahzeb.

On Wednesday, robbers of Andhar gang opened fire on the car of cousin of former district nazim Azhar Leghari. Sardar Mansoor Leghari, father of Zohaib Leghari, was seriously injured in the firing and sustained injuries on his lower body. The vehicle was also severely damaged in the firing.

CCTV footage of the Mahi Chowk incident.

In the murder that took place in Sadiqabad three days ago, armed robbers stormed a petrol pump during the day. The footage shows three robbers with weapons in their hands, who first clashed with the pump owners and then opened fire, killing all of them.

The firing of Andhar gang members caused a stampede on all sides and people kept fleeing for their lives.

The footage also shows that after the firing, the senator chased around the petrol pump and the dacoits managed to escape easily.

Plaintiff suffers from fear

According to the preliminary investigation, no arrest has been made by the police so far while the person in whose case the case was registered has also decided to withdraw from the case after receiving threats from the robbers. The heirs of the unsafe victims have been forced to leave the area.

The man, who was injured in the robbers’ firing, had said that he had no enmity with anyone and was running his own business. ۔

DPO change

After the killing of 9 people in Sadiqabad, strikes and protests were held all over the city and under the pressure of the protesters, DPO Rahim Yar Khan Asad Sarfraz has been replaced. New DPO Capt. Is.

Funeral prayers of 9 victims were offered at Komahi Chowk on Monday in which thousands of people participated. The victims belong to the same family. Additional IG South Punjab Sadiqabad Arrived and expressed sympathy to the family. He said that the police department was ashamed of the tragedy and the police would not sit idly by till the killers were brought to book. Additional IG South Punjab assured the heirs of the slain that action would be taken against the killers.

Following the notice of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazar, Additional Inspector General of Police South Punjab Captain (retd) Zafar Iqbal Awan suspended the concerned DSP Circle Sadiqabad Abbas Akhtar, SH Othana Kot Sabzal Safdar Sindhu and the post in-charge.

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