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Rahul reached Bihar’s Kishanganj, kept quiet about Nitish and the change in government. – Rahul reaches Bihar’s Kishanganj, remains silent on Nitish and government change. Pi News


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Bharat Jodo Yatra organized by Congress party reached Bihar from West Bengal led by Rahul Gandhi. On Monday, the Yatra entered Bihar’s Kishanganj district from Dinajpur in West Bengal.
After reaching Kishanganj, Rahul Gandhi addressed a public meeting at the stadium here. In this regard, while he targeted the BJP-RSS on the one hand, he said nothing about the change of power in Bihar or Nitish Kumar on the other.

He refrained from making any comment about Nitish Kumar. In his address, Rahul Gandhi did not say a word about the change of power in Bihar or Nitish Kumar.

After the change of power in Bihar on Sunday, Rahul was expected to say something on the issue when he reached Bihar.

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On reaching Bihar, Rahul said in Kishanganj that BJP has presented an ideology of hatred and violence before the country, while we have brought an ideology of love.

It is because of this ideology of hatred that brothers are fighting each other. A person of one religion is at war with a person of another religion. There is a struggle between languages. We know that this is a land of love, he said. A shop of love must be opened in the market of hate. Hate cannot destroy hate, only love can destroy hate.

Rahul Gandhi said that on one side BJP-RSS people are talking about dividing the country through hate, on the other hand we are talking about love. Last year we conducted ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. People asked us what is the purpose of this trip and why are you doing it on foot.


We have said – RSS-BJP ideology has spread violence and hatred in the country. That’s why we’ve embarked on this journey to open a ‘love shop in the market of hate’. This trip had a great impact on Indian politics.

Rahul Gandhi said that the government of India is run by 90 officers who decide the entire budget of the country. But among these 90 officers there are only 3 from OBC category. That is why we decided to do revolutionary work for social justice.

The whole country should know how many OBC, Dalit, tribal and minority communities there are in India. Therefore, caste registration is very important. In this journey, we added the word “justice”.
He said that in today’s India, poor people are not getting economic and social justice. Because of this, the country is unable to develop. Modi government does not help farmers and labourers, bank doors remain closed for them but all government doors are open for selected billionaires.
When we completed Bharat Jodo Yatra, many people told us that the journey should be from North East to Maharashtra. After that we took out ‘Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra’. This journey started from Manipur where we saw the ideology of BJP with our own eyes. Rahul Gandhi said brother is fighting brother in Manipur. Violence is still going on there, but the Prime Minister of India has not visited Manipur till date.


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