Rana Sanaullah: Will Pakistan’s Home Minister go to jail in drug case? Shahbaz Sharif government’s increased concern Pakistan’s special court summoned Home Minister Rana Sanaullah in the drug trafficking case ProIQRA News

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Islamabad: Pakistan’s Home Minister Rana Sanaullah may be in trouble in the drug case. Rana Sanaullah has been summoned by the Special Narcotics Control Court in Lahore. The charges against Rana Sanaullah in the drug case will be framed on June 25. Sanaullah has been directed to appear in the court for the next hearing. The post of Home Minister is considered to be the second post after the Prime Minister. If the allegations against Rana Sanaullah are confirmed, the Shahbaz Sharif government will be hit.

Arrested with 15 kg heroin in 2019?
Rana Sanaullah was arrested in July 2019 by the anti-drug forces of the Imran Khan government. A search of his vehicle later found 15 kg of heroin. The court, while issuing summons on Tuesday, said that the charges against Sanaullah would be framed on the next date of hearing. Is. The Home Minister will have to attend the hearing.
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Allegations confirmed on June 25
Punjab prosecutors in Pakistan initially expressed displeasure. However, he later accepted the order of the court. Due to extraordinary circumstances, the matter has been adjourned till June 25. Meanwhile, the court has sought a response from the Anti-Drugs Force on the Home Minister’s application to freeze bank and property accounts.
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Imran Khan furious at the ruling party?
Imran Khan has said that the country will never forgive Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Home Minister Rana Sanaullah and Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz for torturing peaceful protesters and raiding their homes. All of them will soon be arrested and sent to jail, PTI chief Imran Khan reiterated. “We will march again in Islamabad to overthrow the government,” Imran Khan said.

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